Flame is still burning!

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Another Poem 🙂 The flame still burning!

2015-04-28 12.10.10


She shines like a light leading me to a safe port

The looks of an Angel, she was a pleasure to court

Her smile each morning makes the start of my day

Her presence and charm are never far away


We are one as is the sun that will always shine

Our time must perfect just like a great French wine

Her eyes change colour like her mood, blue to green

The flavour’s of fruit and strawberries with cream


Her wishes are to explore places both old and new

To long exhausting walks she always made me “phew”

Complete with her blond hair both short and long

In my mind’s eye there can and will be no wrong


Signs from above give me this pleasure and joy

One day I believe we both shall enjoy

A deep true love that no one can dispute

Our words today are all but mute


I love her all no matter what she may say

Setting me free allowed me to fix my way

My journey of discovery into my deep dark past

Show me that she is the one to endure and last


For the rest of my life I would like to share

With the Angel I know that really does care

Life sets us on a journey and certain path

Sometimes between us we forgot the math


She makes me smile, she makes me cry

Only by loving her do I wonder why

Her wonderful soft and beautiful skin

Make me reminisce and open up from within


My beloved you reach and touch deep in my soul

I am digging far underground just like a mole

I have come to the surface and now I can see

That we simply are just meant to be


Part of my life we can make it full and so cool

Swimming in the sea or just by the pool

I reach out my hands, with my arms open wide

My heart pumps like crazy and nowhere to hide


Let us start at the beginning and together attend

Between us as always we fix what is to mend

Rarely in life do we receive such a wonderful gift

We can be joined together and no longer in drift


These separate lives that we live today and beyond

You know my love you can wave your magic wand

These words of mine are sincere and true

I am completely, and madly in love with you.


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