Flying High and Free!

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Rising Above And Flying High and Free!

There is much aloof in the air at the moment, particularly for those who are hiding in their own lives!! Extreme levels of synchronicity, along with reminders, nudges and issues to confront.  Making new decisions and situations is in order of play also.  Really breaking the old patterns with assertion like never before.

Where did this new energy come from?  Rising above the dramas of living in this reality and following the lighthouse shining above the clouds.  As one clears the lower vibrations and energies, there is an incredible clear space, where it is incredible sense of wholeness.  The lights are brighter, the atmosphere lighter and the manifestations in reality.  We are truly living the highest version of ourselves.

There is somewhat a new sensation, and may be difficult to quite put our finger on, but the intuition seems to be alive and well.  Dreams are also coming through loud and clear, with many past life lessons or clearings.  Whilst it may appear to be a never ending story, this is effectively our lives.  As we purge and release, we have the change to add new and fresh.  Eventually we fill our bodies with so much new, we forget who we are sometimes.

It may be uncomfortable, but it is essential to persevere, as our awakening is ongoing.  We are ascending to levels we have never experienced before, and events that are unprecedented.  We are being given insights to what is ahead, whilst the “bigger picture” is still being kept hidden behind many layers of fog!  After all, it would not be fun having all the answers.

Being prepared to change things at the last minute because of a set of circumstances is important…we shall have few plans as possible, and not attempt to force or control things.  Letting things go and allowing the universe to lead the way.  Signs and synchronicities’ are being experienced by connected soul groups, so this is simply a confirmation of the power we share.

Keep It Simple Sweet!

The best guidance I can give is to have no expectations, and hold on to your seat as the ride is going to be extremely exciting over the coming months and years.  We are entering a major phase of growth and development in the physical reality.  Many could find themselves relocating to new places, making new friends and building new relationships.  All these will happen over the coming weeks with the new way of being.

As the old paradigms struggle with its truth, we have to remember the work we have done to reach this place ourselves.  It would be frivolous to return, and we shall be conscious of what others are doing around us.  We shall guide as best we can, but remain focused on our own direction as a priority.  Empaths are always tempted to help others…remember all the work we have done ourselves; others have the same responsibility.  Others have their own choices to make, so simply focus on your own direction.

There is lots happening all over the place – but our own world is the most important.  Making sure and taking care of what is close to us.  Maintaining a level head and not making any rash decisions.  As we approach the end of the year we shall begin to see the fruits of our labour in this reality.  Our dreams and visions manifesting in front of us; as long as we remember what we have learned all is well.

Until the next time, sending lots of love and high fives!!


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