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Merry Christmas to One and All!

My 11.11 Moment

As many of us celebrate traditional Christmas Holidays, we are greeted with a lot of unique planetary activity including a New Moon on 25th December at 11.11 GMT – a unique opportunity to contemplate, enjoy and embrace all that you are and have around you.  There are many that will spend the holidays in difficult circumstances or situations, let us not forget those that are less fortunate than us – and as a collective, send them our pure love and light to assist them on their life’s path.  We are all fortunate to have today, a day to really enjoy and feel every last second – everything is just perfect when you have this perspective – it is perfect as you are creating the moment.

When you create the moment, what ever comes or happens is magic – I may be a little philosophical these days, but it is so important to expand the horizons of all that is, and bring to ourselves, because this is what we will take pleasure from  When we blink, or breath, or talk, or hear these are wonders of the Universe – we are blessed with these amazing opportunities to fully experience and feel them, this is a Divine gift that we shall appreciate so much more.

I wrote to a friend the other day  “I am just glad I woke up to smell the roses, for years I was trying to guide others on the right path, whilst myself going the wrong way….finally I was brave enough to follow my own guidance and discover the love inside of myself. Recognition of who I am is a big thing – the truth of Deane, not the illusion portrayed to please others” – this is my truth, and many of you have woken up to smell the roses, this is a miracle, breaking free of those chains that society has asked us to wear.  No longer are we confined to the demands and expectations of others, we are just BEing.

Enjoying friends, family, soul family and all that Gaia gives us are the most precious gifts of all – these are priceless.

I send you my best wishes for a peaceful and harmonious Christmas, along with Love and Light to guide you on your path!


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