Four Forty Four!

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I woke this morning at four forty four

But there was no knock at my front door

Deep inside my heart I felt that deep love

Sent from my Angels and Guides up above


These feelings are new, I was once afraid

But sense the guiding path I have laid

Ahead of me, I made that decision

To leave behind my ego prison


I can only see the yellow brick road

Full of life and love with the occasional toad

I hear each morning the early bird’s song

Helping me to be aware, I shall do no wrong


This new beginning is so clear and pure

No matter what I have had to endure

Open eyes and mind to all the signs

Together we shall endure and sip fine wines


Nature is growing and is full of light

No longer a need for that daily fight

The ego now, no longer in control

That journey has passed over that bridge and troll


Into the looking glass and enjoy tea party fun

No need to hide or be on the run

What we seek we shall see inside our heart

Rising above is what sets us apart


No more in fear of what shall be

Living life in peace and harmony

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