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As I woke up this morning I saw you appear

I said in my sleep “what are you doing here”

You talked as usual over my spoken words

Telling me you were working with a bunch of nerds


I asked you to sit and talk to me slow

Just want to listen and see your beautiful glow

We haven’t spoken together for a while

Your image appearing made me wonder and smile


And then I awoke and noted this dream

I began wondering really where you have been

All this time no contact so distant and far

I can’t travel to you even by a car


We should resume this talk and vision soon

Definitely before the next full moon

I pray you are well no matter what

Knowing you, you’re in a place so hot


If you think of me too then that is a sign

We should get together and enjoy a glass of fine wine

Laughing and joking just like we did before

Until we curl up and fall on the floor


This dream of mine it was so real

My friend is more important than any deal

Missing you now I recall your smiling face

I am sure to see you in outer space


Be well be sure and continue in vain

Maybe one day again in Spain!


I love you my friend!

2015-04-16 13.55.00


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