Something To Ponder This Eclipse!

Where The F**k Are WE Going??

Witnessing the comings and goings of the various energies that we are experiencing at the moment, there no doubt there is a purpose for all of this. So much hype surrounding the eclipse seems to be driving people crazy, but I do wonder why! An event of this nature is a common thing in nature, in fact, there are at least 2 eclipses per year, so why the hype?

Our ancestors do not believe in witnessing the eclipse; they take this time to reflect and go inward, releasing what needs to, as well as planting the new. In some cases in history, the eclipse ended battles instantly, as it was deemed a sign from above! So there is plenty of mythology surrounding the eclipse.

Perhaps what is gripping the continental USA is the fact it is a rare event in their history; it is true one can see the clear divide in the country. Not only in the political arena but also within the citizens themselves. With so much anger, discrimination, hate, and racism being broadcast, it is hardly surprising the state of play.

A nation that promotes freedoms is one embroiled in its’ own identity crisis, yet decides to deflect this onto other issues. In fact, the USA is still at war internally, as well as externally – this principle we can apply to ourselves. For those that are awakening, it is the same battle – and one that matches the reality of a nation.


We can reflect on this proposition for a few minutes! If there is conflict within there will be conflict outside also. This is something we as humans are and have experienced, so surely this can also apply to the reality in which we exist? Of course, it can, but when issues are fuelled they can only become volatile. The blame, indoctrination and continued lack of direction are a sign of imbalance in society, and when power is transferred to the oligarchs it is free for all frenzy.

The human species needs to evolve to a point that it makes peace with its past, embraces it, and moves forward in a new energy called Love. I know for many this is a relatively hard concept to grasp, particularly as the media is full of bad news. When we keep hearing and seeing this bad news, it is a silent disease that festers in the mind and continues to grow.

The more we talk about something the more it grows within, and externally also. We have the power to reverse this by simply making choices. The mind is a powerful tool, that responds to change when it realises the vessel it supports is more important. Those that are awake and talk about love and light are not crazy, they are promoters of change. This change is something we recognise because we are really so fucking tired of the deceptions, lies and false promises.

We are empowering ourselves, so that others may be empowered. We are not promoting a new religion or sect, it is simply a change of cognitive thinking. We all seek a better way of being and living, but have been programmed for so long, we find it hard to break that. Believe me, it is a shock to the system when we wake up, and yes it I san inner battle between the mind and soul. We all wish to be loved, but truly don’t understand what it means, unless we are awake. Man has continued to mould our existence for millennium, but the past 40 years or so, humanity has paid the price in so many ways.

Open Eyes And Mind!

When we open our eyes and ears to what is happening around us in a natural way, the answer is so obvious. We are responsible, each and every one of us. As guardians of this wonderful planet, unfortunately we have in many ways transferred this to the powers that control us. We have been led down a dark path of deception, which has reflected in our relationships with others and Mother Nature. This dynamic has to change or we are destined to destroy not only ourselves but also each other. What is building up is a major shift in consciousness and one that is inevitable.

However we deal with it, is a free choice, but trust me it is happening and real. Citizens of the world are tired of seeing their brothers and sisters being harmed, murdered or sent to war. The powers that be are making a profit from all of this, so for them, it is normal business. These powers do not want us to wake up. They will continue to share propaganda to contra what is happening, as they know how the mind works.

YOU have the power to make a change, YOU decide where you wish to go, YOU decide what is the way forward, it is YOU who decides whether to break free or stay. That same decision was presented to me 3 years ago, and I made that personal choice to understand who I am. It has been a major conflict having to reprogram 50 years of old ideas in my own mind. But the end result is one of clarity and a whole new persona. It has involved a major task of being honest about all that I have done and to whom, and that continues even today.

Awakening is a work in progress, and always will be, because of the contra energy in our everyday lives. What ever shall transpire will be for our highest good, and for those, we are connected with.  A journey we shall relish with an open heart and mind. I personally am tired of all the bullshit, lies and unpleasant happenings because I was only really kidding myself. It took me half a life time to really get to grips with me. Many painful encounters with others that I do not wish others to experience today.


So, in closing this peace (yes peace), the energy put into the eclipse by those millions of people who will make a special trip to witness it, in my opinion, is better invested in self. You don’t need to look at the sun to feel the energies, you can do this happily at home or in Nature herself.

This is a turning point in our lives and one that has been spoken about for centuries. We are the change, we are responsible and WE can do it – but together as ONE. Claim your own power and be who you are meant to be, not some prisoner of a festering society. YOU are the key, the lock and the door, become it and love it!

Sending love, peace, and light to one and all.

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Interesting Tests – Weighing Of The Heart Ceremony?

Ancient Rituals In A New Format?

Certain events have happened over the past 48 hours that I and several others have experienced, and after careful processing, I can sense some realisation.  I share this perspective as a guide for others who may be experiencing similar situations. Perhaps this stems back to my journey with a Shaman, and the ancient healing remedies I have had the pleasure of embracing.

Prior to my awakening, I was a corporate executive, representing others interest in their businesses.  In addition, I was representing „their“ illusion of truth and reality, as I was on their payroll.  Several of my vices were around control and wealth, as well as not being completely honest.  In a lot of cases, I lied to protect others or to cover up my own misgivings – this all leads to a path of destruction in the end.  The film „Bird Cage“ brings that message home loud and clear to me today!

In any event, the past few days have allowed me to be completely honest and call things as I see them, without any fears.  Particularly surrounding a project that is dear to my heart and has implications for humanity.  I have assumed the role as a guardian or protector of a certain person in my life for some reason. Ensuring that certain historical events that have occurred before do not happen again, particularly in this person’s family history.

Being a conduit or a facilitator is a tough task for any of us, but this One has a whole lot of special characteristics, that would suggest a higher purpose or meaning.  Why it landed on my doorstep I have no idea, but, I have taken up the shield and sword to do perform my role.  Having spoken recently at a global summit, I have been presented with many potential solutions for the project.

These include lots of dollars to ensure the project is delivered globally – so you can imagine a few zero’s were in the equation. Yesterday a document arrived in my inbox, which was serious and real, with a lot of big numbers and words.  I feel blessed that my beloved appeared in my dream state a few hours previously.

The first thing I did, was to remove the money aspect, as an insignificant interest to the project, despite being necessary for the overall plan to be achieved.  Secondly, I really did put on my new head and began to perform due diligence, free from emotions.  Cold hearted in a way, I had to extract myself from the situation to be pragmatic and objective.  I was amazed at how easy it was, with these new insights and thoughts.  Very quickly I began to see that something was not correct, there was information that was missing.

Old Vices – Old Temptations!

On requesting the information, I was surprised that the questions were ignored, yet the dollar value the deal represented had been increased to add another zero (now making ten’s of millions).  This was not sitting well with me – my intuition was saying something is not right here.  My other side was saying give the benefit of the doubt, it’s OK, just sign the document.  Even the other party said, sign and we will reveal more!!  It was then that I went to speak with a friend who had introduced me to my Shaman.

He was referring to his day, and how he had been presented with his vice too, at virtually the same time as I had been presented this opportunity for funding.  As we were talking he said that my vice would appear very soon. I misinterpreted that, until the discussions I was having reached a turning point, the penny dropped.  This was a test – the red flag was right in my face, and the bull was not flinching.  I was standing my ground, not in stubbornness, but in love.

Everything that was presented to me was great on paper, and a lot of people would have signed it.  But, when the other party was asked to answer simple everyday questions about corporate structure, the take away started to happen. It was even suggested at one stage that I mistrust the whole concept, and I had placed an impasse into the whole equation.  Well, if the request for simple details like address and company name causes this reaction, there is something desperately wrong.

It was at this point that I realise, like my friend, I had been presented with my temptation to revert to the old ways.  To create an illusion to satisfy my own interests, and not uphold my „guardianship“ of a certain person.  Then, I began to look at other events of the past week, because as we all know our energy levels and vibrations are rising.

More Carrots For The Donkey!

Again, I have been dangled mother carrots – a whole myriad of beautiful sexy women, and please don’t say I am being sexist.  These have appeared everywhere I am going, and believe me they are eyeing me from top to toe!  Despite being single for the past 3 years a relationship is not on my list of priorities, and neither is intimacy. So, whilst I have looked and admired the scenery I have not pursued the opportunity, for whatever reason.

So what does this all mean – especially when we are living in the moment?  I suppose it asks us have we really learned, have we evolved, have we shed the old patterns and templates.  Are we comfortable saying what we need to say in love?  Are we comfortable to face what were once fears irrespective of the outcome? Are we truly able to consider what we have in our hands, along with our responsibility to our self and others? Can we apply balance and make a decision that is from the heart?

Well to answer that question we need to make a decision, and then let it all go.  When we face a „temptation“ or test, and apply the higher consciousness we know what we are doing is for our highest good.  How others interpret your decision is for them to deal with, not you, and remember there is no right or wrong.  I did make a decision, that effectively stated if the basic information is not forthcoming then we can not proceed further.  What ever will be will be – if it is in truth then it shall be!

In reality, others will judge us based on their own perceptions, as we have done in the past.  It has always been very difficult for someone to prove they are a reformed person or character.  I have been struggling with this for most of my life, but at the end of the day what do I have to prove to anyone?  We are all human, and we all fall for temptation if the moment is right or aligned.  If others keep looking at us through old eyes to suit themselves, so be it.  Everyone deserves to present themselves in a new light.  Far too many seek to resolve these old issues too late in life, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you.

Perhaps you are also being presented with some favorite old delights or temptations?

This which is happening to me is so reminiscent of ancient rituals. Particularly the weighing of the heart ceremony, before Osiris, where you are judged before passing over to your after life path.  It is symbolic perhaps the heart is at the center of this ceremony, as there has been a lot of heart expansion of late in my world.  These ancient rituals may or may not bear any relevance in today’s’ society, but the underlying messages serve humanity.

I did have visions of being presented before my beloved last night and placed under a lie detector test; very similar to the weighing of the heart ceremony.  Yes, I did have to think about the answers, and of course, I was concerned how she may react.  Again, the mind was trying to wriggle out and ask to define truth, as well as using technical words.  The overall message was to trust in the truth, and only the truth, for that is what will set you free.  So plug me in as I am ready for whatever answers you wish for!

Another step in Ascension for sure, and one that is an indication of the choices we are being asked to make, and how we respond to them in our new state!

There is so much more to come next few weeks, be prepared and grounded!

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Last Dance To Old Tunes!

Prepare yourself!

When we look at our lives and where we are today, we can see clearly we have achieved something incredible. We have fought our families, friends, and colleagues, we have kissed and made up too. We have lived in a system that is fundamentally flawed and peacefully complied with their abhorrent rules and regulations.
Today, many like me, realize the truth of the systems, as well as our own truth. We have embarked upon something that is unfathomable to so many, as they continue to believe all they have been told is true. We soldier on, in our quest for something, much like the early settlers, crusaders and explorers did before us.
We have stripped away everything to our very core, everything that was implanted in our brains – we are naked, pure and raw. In this state, we are completely vulnerable, yet in peace. We have no fear of where we are going or in what we are doing because it is only for a moment. We have dissolved our ego-mind to a point where it has never felt so uncomfortable within this frail human existence.
The power of our soul in its purest form has come through to replenish our bodies with an energy we only have a distant memory of. Our body physical, along with our mind is struggling to cope with this and does make it known in many ways. Emotional outbursts, a sense of an overwhelming lack of “power”, questions of worthiness and in a way a final question is asked.
Are you sure you are ready for what is about to happen – because this shit is about to get very very real!
The final dance between the masculine and feminine, as they finally reach a harmonious pinnacle in the evolution of mankind. The dance is in honor of the old that has been subservient for millennia. The masks of the dancers will soon be removed for all to see, and once again, the partners will be reunited in perfect balance, as was always intended.
Perhaps this is the greatest love story of all time – one where humanity once again realizes that the love we have is truly inside of us. We have been blessed to have been connected with one true love, who, almost deliberately, enabled us to grow wings. Now we can fly, and fly so high – because we are truly free to be the pure love we are all meant to be.
This is a wondrous performance – what will be your last dance, and with whom? Enjoy it for all its glory, imagine what you are wearing, the ambiance, decor, smell, and touch of it all. When the orchestra stops playing, turn away from your partner, slowly remove your mask…
There can be no fear, but in trepidation is permitted. Allow your heart to beat like never before and then, slowly turn to face the one true love who has always been there with you.
As the conductor reaches for his baton and brings the orchestra to readiness, turn to face your audience, and see the Divinity in it all. Now you are ready to dance to a new theme, one that you have already written. Now you shall dance without the orchestra, to the tunes of all the heavens and music of all nations – for now, you are both as One, in perfect harmony…lead the way maestro the stage is all yours.
Create the happy ever after you so deserve, make it happen, in real love, truth and for eternity. After all, it is your story you have been writing since the beginning of all time. <3
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Advancing Philosophies To The New!

Twin Flame Philosophy Expanded!

Advancing and developing the philosophies surrounding Twin Flames is one that is necessary, in order to assist others on their life journey. Whilst the terminology may be very prominent in the spiritual community, there really is an opportunity to perhaps explore what the purpose of this is. So many picked up the Twin Flame “lingo” after encountering a profound connection with another. The searching for an answer for the way we were feeling or what we were going through brought us to a potential explanation.  In simple terms, our hearts were broken by someone we loved with all our soul, and still do.

Seeking an answer is one aspect of helping to heal any situation in life. When we are confronted with such a complex answer and no instant cure, we are stumped. There are so many possible solutions, and so many offering a different root to success. A quick search using the search engines will present a long list of answers, cures, and potential solutions; and some offer even instant cures. We are presented with a long list, just like choosing a doctor, of potential guides who can assist us reach our own answers or perceptions.

But guess what!!??

Each life journey is unique, and no cure can be proffered as a general solution. Those who are truly sharing their own experience, have the potential to offer deeper insight, and answers to certain aspects of the journey. In reality, you are the one only one who is the answer, cure, and solution to what you are experiencing. Your chosen guides will help you to navigate the way ahead, but the next part of your journey begins and ends with you! No-one else can do the work for you!

Human Behaviour!

However, you came across the Twin Flame “lingo” is not the starting point; it is a potential answer to a question you have inside. Again, it is like going to a doctor because we don’t feel well if we are not happy with the first answer, we will search for another. Human behavior has evolved in this way, hence the thousands of offers available in the public domain. There is a market place for your problem, and there are those that claim to cure or have the answers.

When we factor in the human behavior and all its programming, we can take a deeper look into everything from a new perspective. Between us, we develop new insight or expand the philosophies that already exist, so that it becomes far more concise to help others. We learn and teach through the sharing of experience, through communication and exchange of information, and the desire to change what no longer serves us or humanity.

For some, like me, who stumbled across the Twin Flame terminology after a google search, reading a possible explanation was like medicine to a sick man. The choice of search words is usually completely random, and a list of suggestions is presented. From that starting point things begin to resonate; for me in particular, I referred to my own past life memories as the starting point. Then through a click on a YouTube video, what I and so many others experience, an explanation was presented.

Reminder Of True Love?

Connecting with the person who created the video was an essential aspect of truly understanding. After all, there is so much fake viral marketing in the world, it is best to speak to the horse’s mouth. Yes, it involved paying a fee, which I was happy to, as it offered a solution to my needs. After several weeks it was time for the appointment – the connection was strong, and I recognized there was some deep truth being shared. So, having “confirmed” what was already known within, what is the cure to this?

“How do I go about reuniting with this beautiful soul?”, the million dollar question!!

The answer was very simple, yet complex at the same time – and one which the psyche just can not figure out for itself! Go within, heal the pains you are carrying and have carried, and continue to live your life, knowing that true love exists. You will reunite – how or when is unknown, but for sure it will be soon!

My interpretation today is that true love exists within each of us – we have simply been reminded of that by someone else!! The connection we have encountered with our Twin Flame has reignited the flame that had been flickering for so long. Is it within us? Yes, Love is within us – and that is what really screws up the psyche.

We have always been told or shown that love is outside of us and that there should be an exchange of something between us to confirm that. But what does this mean you may ask! It means, we experienced something unique, at a frequency or vibration that matches us, and was intended exclusively for us. No doubt we had the same effect on our counterpart also – because there has to be a balance.

Reconnecting/Reuniting To Heal Past Life Reunions?

For those that resonate with past life memories or reincarnation lets broaden this to the Twin Flame archetype. We know that we are in some way or another, repeating something we have already done before. There are no coincidences; there are simply events we will encounter, over and over, perhaps until we figure out the pure truth or way of navigating the experience. If one advances the theory of “eternal recurrence”, the bigger picture of our own life makes some sense!

Having reincarnated many times, there is no doubt that some Twin Flame unions have also occurred before. We shall advance the theory of Twin Flames who have connected in the physical in this lifetime, have also done so before. If what is being shared today about only coming into a union for a final journey home has any merit we can reach two possible conclusions from our own experiences.

Reconnecting with our Twin Flame has “forced” us to reach the purest point in all of our incarnations, our true authentic self. We have recognized the true love essence within, we have healed, processed and broken the chains that held us in 3D reality. Many are connecting with a completely new being, and one which has never been encountered in previous incarnations.

To qualify this at a deeper level, we have to take a good look at our own life and encounters. Remembering is something man has struggled with, as the mass media is building illusions, so what do you remember from this life? Time for brain power! Sharing from my own experience will shine a light for others to see more clearly on their own situation.

Past Life Memories

I have experienced several past life regressions, and recall them clearly – there has been a common theme in many of them. The loss of a very important soul in that lifetime, and always a female character. One regression I had 25 years ago came back to my memory in January 2015. It was that memory which led me to search Google for a possible explanation for the connection I had with my Twin Flame.

Expanding on this topic today, as a potential explanation for the reconnection of Twin Flames, and the tremendous work we go through to reach a pure energy, we can begin to sense why it is so difficult to navigate the path. Internally we know what we are feeling is real, this is further supported by ongoing signs, syncs, dreams and other “unexplained” happenings.

Our soul knows that we are from the same source and have a purpose during incarnation. During our previous incarnations as Twin Flames in a union, there must have been some form of ending, otherwise, we would not be here again, would we?

We never managed to complete what we were trying to create back then; but here we are today, in what seems to be a similar situation. What we have now, is a lot more remembering going on. Technology has granted us access to new ways of getting information, hence the answers are coming easier. As we heal our own life and past, we do in some aspect for our beloved too.

But, add the equation we may have done this with them before, and not succeeded in our quest, we are now able to potentially heal that previous reunion too.

Should you have the insight to any previous past life incarnations with your beloved, and you have worked on healing that, then you have reached a completely new place on your soul journey haven’t you? You are creating something new, in the here and now, as well as in truth.

New Plateaus – New Outcomes – We Create Our Desires!

Some have the privilege of insight into so many things, and it is that which we share with others. When we have healed or come to terms with all that we have been, we welcome it into our core. We are doing things that we have never done before, and are laying new foundations for New Earth. Separation of the energies is an inevitable part of the evolution of mankind – there has to be a parting of ways to form the new.

Let’s be perfectly open and frank here, we have chosen to be here for a reason – one perhaps we will never remember. There is a much bigger picture to all of this, and one that we see far more clearly today than we ever have. We see the truth, we see the reality, and now we want to change it to reflect all that we have become today – pure love. We are in union with all that is and ever will be, our counterpart has appeared, and we have reached this place and time.

Our Divine Masculine and Feminine are in relative balance, and our ego-mind is in its proper place, now it is time to put that divine energy to good use. As we venture forward, there is no doubt that our lives will be full of pure love. What we vibe we get in return. Whether our beloved reconnects with us on the remainder of our life path is anyone’s guess.

Miracle Of Love!!

When we look back at how we connected them in the first place, that was the Universe at work; that is what the Universe does, works towards you and your highest good. Our wish today is to enjoy our new found self, truth and unconditional love, and share it with all that is. So you see, we have encountered miracles before! They can and will happen again…it is always the surprise that is far greater than anything we plan or create!!

We all love surprises, so shall we focus on living and loving the life we have in our hands today, and co-create heaven on earth?  

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Synergy Podcast Appearance

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ask deano with real raw synergy
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When I’m invited to communities to share my gifts, I often tap into the energy and ask about ‘the true contribution’ it will offer you.

So, when Jeneth from Real Raw YOU asked me to speak to her audience, I tapped into the energy and felt in my heart a resounding, YES! (in a hurry, register now)

When you choose things you know are true for you, your heart opens and your world changes for the better — and in this case, that’s very true.

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Sessions are led by world-renowned energy healers, conscious visionaries and wellness teachers from all over the world … including me.

There are some very potent leaders who will also be speaking, and we all dished up some super awesome energetic activations.

So if you’re feeling a little down, slow, stuck, or just need a good kick in the butt, I invite you to come give us a listen.

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