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Waking Up Is Never Easy…

But the hard work waking is so very worth it!  Please enjoy this latest Ramblings!

Another weekend is here and it’s funny really how everyday is just the same, we put emphasis on time, days, hours, minutes…when time really does not matter. We get things done that we need to, when we need to – well, unless of course one is chained to a desk, a diary, or a mobile 🙂

We are global beings, just because it is day in Australia, when it is night in Europe, doesnt stop anything from functioning…the planet is still moving, nature is still working for she never stops, her function is relentless, and ongoing. Mother Nature’s challenge is always working harder and harder each day to cope with all the damage and destruction man causes.  Man’s constant quest for discovery of all things external, determined to find answers of all that is, yet man has failed to discover all that is here in this place we call home.

love will find a wayOur very being here on Earth is to appreciate each and every moment as if it is the last.  The wish to live for longer, we turn to science for answers…for disease, illness…we turn to science…if science does not have an answer then it cannot be real or fact.  We recall the great inventors of the world, Tesla is a classic example, of how an incredible mind created modern day electricity.  If anyone knows the story of Tesla and where he came from and his own beliefs will know how resistent he was to commercialising his idea.  His vision was for everyone to share and enjoy electricity enabling an evolution, literally waking up from  the dark ages.

But what happened to his ideas and inventions? They were turned into a means of profiteering, and we all have reliance on electrcity in our lives.  Now it’s a multibillion dollar business, yet harnesses the natural resources Mother Nature has allowed us to enjoy.  Is this caring and sharing…far from it.  Certain individuals capitalised on one man’s quest to bring light to our livess, and since then we have been paying for consuming it.  There are many other examples across history, and every generation has witnessed similar stories.

Man’s Evolution

What suprises me is how quickly man has evolved in the last 30 years, how man has found a way to turn wonderful inventions into a means of profiteering and controlling each and everyone of us.  Each year we work harder and longer to exist in our everyday lives, we consume things we are “told” we need, and this even includes the basic necessities of existing.

We contribute to our central treasuries through the payment of taxes, whether it be on income or through what we consume.  The treasuries make policies and decisions about what to spend OUR money on without consultation, and spend willy nilly on what it wants, not what is necessary or important.  They direct others to build, discover, and investigate their instructions, and provide answers or solutions.

we have the energy inside we shall use itWe, as humble beings, simply trust that what is being done is for the better of humanity, yet we can see so many areas that are ignored and neglected.  We see everyday things that are failing or falling apart, yet we are powerless to do anything, unless we again use our own resources to make a change, so we are continually “paying” to exist or to help others.  Is this what humanity is about?  Compassion, empathy and Love according to today’s society are viewed as a weaknesses.  Men and women are afraid of being vulnerable, of opening up, of trusting fully, of being love.

Love is the very foundation of our existence, it is this energy that brings us together – it is this frequency or vibration that connects us all together, open heart centres create magic, we have all seen the power of love in our own lives and how it takes us to places we have never been.  Do we understand the power of love?  I believe we are all beginning to see the incredible illusions that those in power have created, the house of cards is slowly crumbling, but what are we going to do to change it?

There are an incredible number of lightworkers who are bringing the illusions to the surface, yet we don’t get to see or hear about it, unless of course it causes a major international scandal.  The lightworkers are then branded as hostile, betrayers, criminals or other such labels that suit those the scandal effects.  The best form of defence is attack!

back to basicsNo matter your religious beliefs, one thing that is clear from all writings, The Ascended Masters simply promoted love and sharing that love with another.  Love is priceless (as I have written before) and costs nothing.  Our perception of love is personal and unique, but man is constantly expanding on its meaning, yet again to quanitify it.  Love is something I share freely with others – it is an energy I choose to share with whom or what I share it, not who society expects me share it with.

I don’t believe one man or woman can change the world, this is societies perception of the second coming…each of us is the second coming, it is up to us to eminate and illuinate each other with love.  We can only achieve this together, in harmony and genuinely, there does need to be a love revolution, let us join together and be part of it and send a strong message to the world that we can make a difference once we are living in love and not fear.

My view on love has changed dramatically in the past two years, and that is due to the lifting of my own self imposed illusions about all that is and more, take away the ego and everything changes.  This is the most important part of the journey you are on, questioning all that you believe or have learned is crucial, open your mind to exploration going beyond the boundaries or safety nets you have placed since you were born.  Discard others opinions and views of you, and get in touch with your own heart and soul.

Love Is In All Of Us!

Love can change all that is – it’s in our own lives, imagine waking up to a world where that energy or vibration of love was shared freely with one another…what a beautiful place we would live in.  The Ascended Masters shared love, we are all divine beings, we have the love of the Ascended Masters in us all…when we connect with our higher self and open our heart centre we are able to share that love freely.  Actions always speak louder than words, and that is why we see so many today talking of love and awakening, but few share that message with others.

Technology these days is very easy to use, we can be thankful some bright spark created the internet in 1991, now let us use it to share love with everyone we know.  Is there a reason you wont?  Are you afraid of what others will think or say about you?  Are you fearful of what your peers will assume?  That is something only you can answer, it is that truth you need to find.  Society has this very well defined template of what love is – it is this template we have to break, for love is not something that can be controlled, diluted or manipulated – it is the most powerful energy available to each of us.

what is love to is yours to own and shareLove exists in each of us, it is this you chose to share – for you are Love.  Noone can take love away from you, it’s an eternal energy that’s waking in every part of you.  Use this beautful energy, allow it to warm you deeply inside, and then let it shine brightly for all to see, without expectation or demand.

This is Unconditional Love.

In service and gratitude, Deane

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