Going Back to Basics

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Back to Basics!

Staasia-Daniels-Back-To-BasicsThis is a terminology I have used throughout my life, it is simple, easy to understand and very descriptive, particularly when we live in such a complex society full of demands and expectations.  With the ever changing energies and cosmic movements we are being taken back into ourselves, and many are wondering what that really means.  You have already done so much inner work, you have spent hours and hours crying, in pain, aching and struggling with the effects of the DNA changes.  You are finding yourself in essence, fully mature spiritually; in fact your abilities have been massively brought to the fore of your day to day life.  You can sense and feel the changes in the air, and are welcomed each day with incredible things happening in your life, the signs, syncs, messages and encouragement you are on the right path.  You see others moving forward with radical new changes in their lives, from abundance, to complete changes in career and home life, yet you seem to be stuck or still chasing your tail.

Whatever you think seems to lead you back to the same place – what more do I have to do?! How much more work, what is the missing link – and in some cases you are really ready to throw the towel in and just continue with the way things were, yet living with all the knowledge and wisdom in your mind, body and soul. You begin to lose faith in your own beliefs, and become frustrated with it all. You take heed if what is happening in the social media groups, and filling your brain with nonsense or impractical solutions – you spend money on psychics, mediums or even energy healing specialists. Yet all the promises and hype do not change your own situation.

Your soul knows what you are doing, your ego is avoiding it all too often – your day to day life is filled with those repetitive actions, activities, routines and situations. Your work is becoming boring or non-interesting, you need a change of scenery, but because of the way you have set up your life, you have convinced yourself that you cannot change it because of many many reasons! One will not change if one does not look from another perspective – the overhead camera reveals the deficiencies, hurdles and true image of who is controlling who. The life you have established (or that is expected of you) is the one thing that is controlling your everyday functions – yet you, on the other hand are suffering with ailments, frustration, stress and emptiness, as well as a false sense of happiness and security.

I have written many times previously about the importance of self-examination, self-scrutiny and confronting your Nemesis, really taking a good look in the mirror and seeking that beautiful soul behind the eyes. Inside is a light shining so bright it is bursting to come out, you can see it but have no idea how to release it. Going back to basics is the only way forward, you need to understand who you really are, and how you have become this being you are today. A close analysis of your psyche will reveal so many things. It does not matter what you discover, the way you are today is all based on where you have come from, and as much as you try to convince yourself otherwise, this is the hard truth.

When we have a problem with an appliance or something we use every day that is essential like a car or computer and it does not function correctly, we have it checked out by a professional. We try to understand what is wrong with it, and have it repaired. We apply the same logic to family and friends – we have a disagreement and it ends in tears or unpleasantness, we examine it and we try to repair it. We do something at work that results in something that was not intended by your superiors – they examine it and try to repair it. When something is not quite working how we feel it should be we have it examined and repaired where possible – or we continue as it is with a malfunctioning element, and the end result is more often than not an escalation of the original issue.

This brief explanation is very basic – but you should also apply this basic logic to your psyche and thought process. When we take things back to their bare basics we can see far more clearly, we continue with the examination we begin to get to the core of the issue, and we repair it, gently and smoothly.

Some require a spring clean, a simple blowing away of the cobwebs, some minor touch ups of paint here and there – and there you have it, just like new. Others require a far more intense clean that can span over many years, in some cases all of their life – this is a process that can lead to incredible self-recognition and a complete transformation of your mind, body and soul.

Your external senses are responding to the changes you have made spiritually and applaud you, now it is the time to overcome the remaining self-examination – the mind. Healing the mind is as important as the rest of you, the trilogy is mind, body and soul, they are inter-dependent, when all three are functioning in synchronicity the whole being or vessel is moving in a completely new direction, into unchartered waters so to speak. You are entering a new journey of being in full contact with every part of you – and this allows you to make decisions that will free you from old habits, old templates old friends and even family.

As we enter the new phase of life, it is very important you have a new direction – many of you do not invest any time in yourselves or in your mind. The mind is an essential tool of your everyday life, it allows you to function, it is the engine of every living being on the planet, it is important to have it serviced at least once in a lifetime. Without essential servicing it will not function at its best as it has become cluttered, corrupted and outdated with societal demands.

This journey back to One begins with YOU, and only YOU alone – it is really time to start taking stock of yourself and appreciating all YOU truly are. A Divine being who deserves to experience unconditional love and happiness; this all comes from within;  YOU are the key holder and gatekeeper. Now Use the keys you possess to reach the inner place of Oneness.



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