Gratitude Report

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Gratitude Report: There is much I find myself grateful for today, yet what comes to my heart in this moment is the hard lessons that I have learned along this journey. Through much trial and error, I have come to a point where I am finally comfortable in my self and the person I have become.

Through the discovery of peace and acceptance of who I am, I find myself being particular of the people I allow into my life. After recently experiencing my dark night of the Soul, I am struggling with mundane life. I do not want anything in my life that is not going to help me grow and flourish. I want to be surrounded by like minded people who are continually looking to push themselves, and in turn me, to be the most authentic we can be. I want to be surrounded with people who will tell me the Truth, even if that Truth may not be what I want to hear. I want to be surrounded by people who challenge me to think about what I believe is True for my Path, my journey and feel the same from me.

There are people that I have let go of that I do not feel are on a similar direction. Not that I am “better” then them or they are better then me. Yet I am determined to keep moving forward and ever inward in the hopes, no in the certainty that I am responsible for my own happiness. There are many times in life where I find myself interacting with people who do not believe as I do and that is a part of the current state of affairs for this world at this time. Yet in my life and in my time, I do not have to accept that, nor will I. I do not want to be rude or seem judgmental, yet I have to come first. If people cannot or will not be authentic with me, then I will not, nor have any interest in sharing space.

Today I am grateful for the hard lessons that have taught me exactly what I want and need in my life and I am deeply appreciative of the people I find myself surrounded with! I use to think of Facebook as an interesting pass time when I had nothing else to do, yet I have met some amazing people here who have helped me to grow and encouraged me through some difficult challenges! I am finding kindred Spirits and amazing connections with people I have never met! I am finding a voice and safe places to speak what is on my heart and mind!

Rae K. H.thOCY7ZY3P

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