The Greater Divide – As We Move Forward

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All Is Well – Despite How It Looks Or Feels!

ask deano new energies twin flame loveAs we move forward embracing the new energies, we are beginning to witness the greater divide from our old self and situations.  We have carefully stepped into the abyss, and sense some in trepidation.  This is a perfectly normal state to be in, and one which we certainly feel a little unsure or unclear of.  The simplest way to describe this sensation is a return to child hood, and how we just trusted all that was happening.

It is no wonder many have been remembering so much of their positive child hood memories, and how we did not question what was happening.  We just opened our arms and eyes to fully embrace what was going on.  We trusted everything didn’t we, yet we had no reference to check from, except our inner voice. Therefore we just allowed the experience to occur, so that we may learn for our self.

Energies of today, are becoming more clearer, and less burdensome, in fact, the more we have surrendered to our own internal guidance, everything is new.  We have let go of the old, and are carefully navigating the new, and whilst it may be uncomfortable (or a feeling of uncertainty), we continue in full trust.  Many are trusting themselves once again, so that they may fully experience the new paths they have chosen to follow.

Knowledge And Wisdom!

The world we are creating now has been manifested by us – we are aligning with the higher vibrations.  Now we are on this path of being conscious we will need time to adjust to it all.  We may not have all the answers, and to be honest, we don’t really have a requirement to know them all.  What we do have is a whole lifetime of experience and knowledge, as well as eons of wisdom.

Let’s use that wisdom to shape the remainder of our life here, and be proud of what we have overcome ourselves and that of the collective consciousness.

There is a tremendous change underway – one that is necessary and inevitable.  Remain true to yourself, be the love that you are, and remember you are worthy of all that you create!

All is well and will always be – Sending lots of love!

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