How big is this Onion?

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Peeling back our own layers – to truth!

Me as a boy!Well guys are we there yet??!!  It seems we have this onion still in front of us, and as we peel each layer those tears keep coming, no matter the remedy we try to prevent it.  Once it has started we can make a conscious decision to stop and put the onion to one side or in the rubbish bin – or we can persevere and carry on despite the tears streaming down our cheeks.  Only you can make that decision and choice; no-one is going to judge you otherwise.

I put this picture of me as a 4 year old as a reminder of the little boy, the mini me that is with me every day – he has been locked away for so many years in a fortress.   Unable to discover, express, feel or fully enjoy growing up with the adult I have become.  It is me that put him there, and for many reasons – it was quite simply to protect him from the harmful events of my own life experiences and journey.  Occasionally we have played together, especially in times of celebration, when in a happy place or frame of mind – but more often than not he has remained hidden from society.

My own belief is the inner child is at the core of all of us.  Innocent eager beings that are so tragically influenced through growing up by others values and standards.  Whilst there is nothing fundamentally wrong with installing values and principles on our children, they shall be from the heart.  In most cases this is not the case, and the actions of others leads to adverse affects on the way children develop and grow – if we have a fighting spirit inside as a child, we will challenge and reject our peers view.  It is our rejection that leads to us being labelled as different, disruptive or special needs – again this is based on others opinions and not necessarily life experience.

So what makes a child challenge or question their peers?  As innocent children we are guided by a naturally installed sense of truth – our intuition, our purity; our soul leads us to discover the truth of all things we experience, of all things we come into contact with and is forever striving to discover what life is all about.  All this occurs at a very young age, but we feel then we are the kings’ or queens’ of the universe, we are embarking on that wonderful journey of life – without a care in the world, and this drive for knowing – knowing the truth.  It is only then our desire for knowledge becomes tainted by our peers, media and society – this is the template for man to live by, if you practice anything different you are labelled inappropriately.

So, here we are in our adult life, we enjoy (or have enjoyed) the most influential and powerful experiences presented to man, our Twin Soul.  One that nothing can compare to in all the years we have lived, the feelings, pleasures, pain, sensations and wisdom that our soul grasps.  Our soul is leading this path, and has done so since the day we were born.  When two souls merge it truly is a miracle, and our soul recognises this, then after a short while of ecstasy, the soul kindly informs our psyche that something needs to be done to preserve this Oneness.  This is the truth of a Twin Soul Union.  There is much work to be done on preparing this Divine Union for the journey ahead, one which is of purity and truth – a mission of helping humanity to reach it’s own truth.

One thing I know about this journey, and before I even discovered the words Twin Flames, is the importance of getting to the core of ourselves.  I say this wholeheartedly as I sense that most Twins who are separated are caring, generous, loving and open with their counterpart and have been so in all other relationships they have been in.  There is a pattern to the way things pan out,  undoubtedly there comes a point in your life when you say “enough is enough”, or “why is this always happening to me” or something else very similar.  Your life comes to a grinding halt, and you then have a decision to make – a serious one. To continue to live life hoping it wont happen again or, committing to critical examination of yourself and getting the answer and/or reason this has happened (again).  Your soul starts to compel and urge you to find an answer or a solution – it is still guiding you on your path.

This is when the peeling of the onion really begins, the self interrogation, no holes barred exclusive discovery of oneself – it is a necessity.  We have to be honest with ourselves, and not afraid to confront whatever comes about when we peel layer after layer of reality and exposing the truth of every life situation.  When we are confronted with our own truth, it is important that we label the situation as our own truth –  it can be no one else’s.  We have to claim ownership and responsibility for every life decision and situation made we have made. When we see a pattern that relates to our upbringing or past we cannot blame or transfer the experience to others – we simply do not accept responsibility for it any longer and allow the psyche to process this in another way.  This frees’ us of the emotion or stigma attached, and the layer falls away, is filed appropriately, and then we proceed to the next layer, when we are ready or when it manifests itself in our lives.

Throughout this journey I have been able to play more and more frequently with the little boy inside of me, nurturing, loving and honouring him – and now he is growing slowly into one of the most valuable assets I have – and that is me.  Me, myself and I – for I am that little boy.  I can now love myself in a way like never before, I can enjoy the here and now, and am beginning to grow each and every day, just like a child.  It is an amazing feeling to have this new relationship with myself, and as each day transpires. I will feel or sense when there is another layer to examine – if I chose not to examine then I am surely reminded by the inner me that work needs to be done.  It is intensive and tearful sometimes, but like peeling an onion, not all varieties will lead to tears, but as you are peeling a big bag of them eventually we discover that tearful ones exist!

It is cleansing of the soul that leads us to our inner truth, and no matter the emotions or tears we shed, the end result is a beautiful purified being, that has a whole new perspective on life.  As our vibrations rise so do those of our twin, for as we cleanse so do they, and vice-versa.  We may not hear from them on a daily basis in this 3D reality, but be sure they feel, sense and appreciate all that we are doing – never forget they are always with us.


In closing, I have noted of late the increasing number and more obvious signs and signals of my Twin  – they are becoming much more clearer and defined for me to see.  These often drive me to a point of wanting to reach out, in effect chasing – I simply laugh and say I love you so much, I know you are near, I know we are One and soon we will be reunited in this plain to enjoy our mutual journey home.  I continue in my mission and to writing my own truth, as there can be no illusions on this journey – there is a time and place for everything, and ultimately we will know internally when the time is right for reunion, in the mean time we shall be filled with love and light and take each day as it comes.  We are a big family, and we shall always recognise the truth of our own personal journey to One – there may be similarities, but no two will be the same.

I write to give you an insight to my personal journey do that it may help and guide you – it is my truth alone, and can not be adopted by another, but the advice and guidance will surely enable you to reach your own truth!  I send you all love and light – and look forward to your comments and feedback.  Have a wonderful weekend and remember – I love you, you are love, you are, we are, I AM, LOVE!





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