How do you feel? Confused? Lost?

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So how do you feel today?

2015-06-08 20.27.30Confused? Lost? Alone? we all feel this especially after the amount of changes that have taken place inside of us, the important thing is to take a few deep breaths and remember we are embarking on the next stage of our wonderful journey home – we shall release all of these feelings and replace them with the one thing that will conquer all – self love.  This is the purest form of our being, for when we love ourselves, accept ourselves for who we are, we can then progress to those wonderful places we have dreamed of.

These past few days I have seen, felt and heard all of the above sensations, and even yesterday learned a valuable lesson triggered by a situation that was a true test from the Universe – I saw what I wanted to see, I read something into a situation, my deepest desire for something more – yes that wonderful Mr Ego, and the great thing is, when I was given the answer, which was contrary to my belief (at the time) I could see clearly that I have to fully accept we can only live this journey at the “Zero Point”.  I did not punish myself, I actually laughed with myself, I did not view it as a mistake, I viewed it as a lesson, and a lesson learned – an acknowledgement that the ego can and will seize every opportunity to come out and play – and yes it was that childish desire of wanting more than actually was present.  Wonderful lesson to learn, but the reality is it is another tool in the tool box, it is another valuable asset I possess – and every time things like this happen, it is absolutely essential we take the information, process it and wrap it in love and light, and save it in the memory banks for another day.

We have signs every day, yet our ego sometimes wants so much more, so it is a very good idea to observe when something does not quite pan out as you expect or believe it to – and see the other signs you have at the same time – you will very quickly see and realise the Divine signs are present, the 3D signs are the true tests that present, I know this may sound quite bizarre, I only share what I see and experience so that you may have some idea how a fellow twin is being tested and overcoming the tests.  It may not be like this in your situation, only you know what is happening in your life on a daily basis – but as an observer I can see others being tested, others ego coming out, others not learning – and you guessed it the same lessons being repeated at a much grater rate of knots – just to let you know there is something to release from old patterns, as they really do not serve any purpose.

2015-06-11 10.35.20
A heart shape

I am fortunate to have a garden, every day I will venture out at least 10 times a day, only yesterday I noticed the place where I stand facing the sun has developed a whole new life of it’s own, it is forming a certain shape – this is something I have not influenced or interfered with – so I will view this as a Divine message – my neighbours garden has become the home to hundreds of wild Camomile plants that have simply come from nowhere, in a matter of days, all since a storm we had I think 5 days ago – they have grown to the height of at least 1 metre in that short space of time, it is like a sea of Camomile.  This is natures way of healing the earth, and I view this as a wonderful sign that our love and light is helping mother nature become stronger and healthier.

My children have also seen tremendous growth and peace come over them, they are creating work for themselves that really is tremendous, they are opening, they are healing they are becoming full of love and light themselves, the transfer of this love is obvious and real, they are also bridges to others so that they too can heal – we are spreading so much new positive energy we have to be blind not to see it.  Take a step back and look at your own lives, and see for yourself what is really happening – take yourself out of that 3D world just for half an hour, you will be suprised as I was!

There are many new changes occurring in our bodies and souls – our path may still be a little foggy, but I ask you to go deep inside of yourselves and release any old habits that no longer serve you – you may be transforming your life in a completely new way that will upset a lot of people, especially family – but remember this my friends, you are the most important part of this whole journey, don’t allow others to dictate what should and should not be.  If necessary take some time out of your situation and escape for a day or two, go somewhere in peace and tranquillity and find yourself – drift away into yourself, and I promise you will have a completely new picture of the world – make a list of your desires, make a list of what serves your highest purpose, and then remove that which serves you no purpose – make a fresh start no matter what – it takes a brave person to step into the unknown, we are all warriors, we volunteered for this with the full knowledge we would have to deal with crap – become that warrior again and stand up and fight for yourself in love and light.

Sending you all love and light, be strong and faithful to yourself – You are not alone you are ALL ONE.

Should you wish to take advantage of one on one counselling, guidance or someone to talk to and share your journey with I would be delighted to help you on your way, with open and honest guidance (from a male perspective) check out some of my testimonials and let them speak for themselves.



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