Twin Flame Support And You!

Twin Flame Support

Twin Flame support for you. “Life is like a box of chocolates”, it is an amazing array of ups and downs, mostly of our own making!  When my own life really fell apart, it was a series of event after event.  Two of my children moved to Australia, my business was suffering, my eldest daughter needed me to relocate to finish her studies, and my fiancee ended our 3 year relationship (taking herself and son out of my life).  That was in the space of one month!  I was being shown clearly by the universe that I need to stop, look and listen at what I was doing and where I was going.

I stopped all that I was doing – I moved home to be with my daughter, gave the keys to my offices to my assistant, and decided to take a firm grip of who I am.  I immersed myself with 2 psychotherapists full time, who took me to places I never knew existed from my life. When that was finished, I had opened Pandora’s box into the subconscious mind and spirituality – and as one would have it, just when you think it is all over….Welcome to the “Dark Night Of The Soul”.  I have been to the lowest, darkest places any person can imagine, but the transformation in my own persona is absolutely incredible.

I can not begin to imagine living in any other way, as each day I grow a little more, a new piece of information is unlocked or remembered. I have no regrets, I have only gratitude and thanks for the Universe giving me one more chance to really transform my life.  Allow me to help you confront all your fears, to discover your true authentic self and to living a life without fear or expectation.

How I will support you!

I will provide you with useful tools and information that will help you understand more about yourself.  I will show you what is needed to understand the pain you will experience. I promise to be brutally honest, so please be prepared to hear what someone else sees in you!  I will respect your opinion, but please also be prepared to respect mine too.  Together we will laugh, cry, swear and joke – but this is what is needed to succeed!  When I sense you can walk alone, I will release your hand and watch your progress, but you will never be alone!

I will provide you with basic psychological tools that will help you deal with your every day needs. I will give you spiritual tools that will help you to complete this journey with yourself.  I will be there to hold your hand and guide you along the way, but you have to be prepared to invest your time and effort into this work.  You will feel like walking away, many times during this process, you will feel that I am pushing you too hard or too far. When you stop and think you will realise it is you stopping yourself.  Together we will get through this and achieve the end result – yourself, at One with the Divine.

I will assist you reach a level of spiritual understanding of the spiritual journey.  You will see there are many similarities in a lot of the feelings andtwin flame support sensations.  There are times when you will not understand, but your soul will.  As every journey is unique I will offer the guidance based on my own personal experiences.  I will share those which I have learned and gleaned from other teachers and guides of mine, and as we develop a relationship our connection will become stronger.

You will be able to contact me by email and Skype throughout our connection, and I will always be available should you need someone to talk to in the middle of the night.  I provide twin flame support, and I am here to assist you, but I will not tell you what you want to hear.  I will tell you truthfully what I feel and sense from our discussions.  You are free to take all or none of the information on hand.  I will also provide you with excellent meditation links as well as good literature to read during your free time.

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