Indigo Children

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Message for Twin Flames, Advanced Souls and all Light Workers – Indigo Children

twin flame kids awakeningThere are many special children in the world today, and doctors and many other’s in professional positions are (mis)diagnosing disorders on our children.  Whether you want to use the terminology such as crystal or indigo children, it does not matter.  All children are special, but some shine out amongst them all, and are the “ones” we have a responsibility for.

Tonight a dear soul sister reminded me to create a video about the indigo children or “special” children, and my own personal experience.  I have previously written about how the children are awakening too.

During the video I speak my truth, and share the whole encounter, where it led, and the truth I believe today.

I am indebted to all those who share their knowledge and wisdom, our grid is truly becoming illuminated.  Without sharing knowledge how are we to learn, perhaps this mixture of internet and real one to one connection is a dynamic we shall try more often.  As we share we all learn, from learning, we enlighten, and with that we share that new wisdom.  We also begin to create the new templates and way forward within our own mind, hence transmuting all the old programs!

Thank you for your trust and insight and for being a true conduit of love.  We are creating that ripple between us, and it truly is a pleasure to watch it all unfold.  If you recognise the signs of the indigo children, or any other special sign, do some research for spiritual signs, just to inform yourself.  In any doubts at all always consult a medical professional.

Enjoy the Video

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