Inner Truth

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I would like to share some of my journey with you if I may. I have found myself writing a lot about the importance of looking inward, about individual Truth. I would like to share some of my Truth and what that means for me. I share only what I believe to be True for me and the Path that I walk. Please read with a discerning heart.

We have each decided to come here to this place at this time. We are the architect of our journey. If we have come here with our Twin, we will be with them again. We have come here to do something that only we can as individual Souls. We have come prepared for this journey, our heart and intuition, to name a few.

We are at a place where we are free of blueprints or expectations. We are in a place where we create our reality from one moment to the next. There are no molds for us, no boxes that we fit in. We are each unique, as is our journey. What is True for me may not be True for everyone, nor should it be. As we continue to Awaken to our Truth, the further from the “norm” we will be. And as we walk our Path and we share our journey, let us be compassionate and understanding of one another. Let us not divide each other with “accepted” terminology, for we are beyond the need of linear understanding. Let us embrace each other in the same Love and acceptance as we offer ourselves, for we are beings of Love and Light. Not just for our Twin, yet for the whole of humanity.

This is what I believe to be the core of our inward journey. For within each and every one of us is something unique, something special. It can only be manifested through the expression us, our life. Yes, we will have things in common with each other, yet we are called to be expressions of our Truth. It us not up to us to find labels, terms, for others to live by. It is not up to us to conform to what others think we are. We are each here to live our own unique life in the way that is best for us, healthiest for us. And how do we do that if we are looking outside of us for validation? How do we do that if we look for answers from others? How do we know when we will share physical space with our beloved? We can look outside of ourselves as long as we want. We can take all the outside advice we want. Yet the more outside of ourselves we look, the farther from that which our heart most desires we go.

This is not to say that we are alone on our journey. There are many times when I lean on my friends, on fb or off. Many times I have needed the perspective of trusted friends. There have been many days that I have spent in the groups in hopes of finding anything that would help me make sense of what was going on. And every time I found something. A direction to go, a different way to look at events. We need each other. We need the encouragement. We need people who have been through something similar. We need to share parts of our journey, to offer encouragement. Yet it is up to us do the work to bring about the Union we each long for. It is up to us to look inside, see what needs to be healed, and begin to let go. No one else can do it for us. No one has an easy button. It is not our Twin holding things up. For we need to be in a place to Love ourselves unconditionally to be fully with our Twin.

Our heart knows exactly what it is we need to do. The question is, will we do it? Can we let go of all the conventions, all the labels, the terminology, and follow our heart? It is scary shit. We have grown up surrounded by false expectations and spoon fed crap like the American dream and other ideas designed to conform us into willing sheep. Will we break free from everything we “know” and walk into new territory?

Somewhere our Twin is calling to us. It is not from a place we know or have been before. Our Twin is asking us to meet them in a place that has yet to be created, for it is a place meant to be occupied by both Twins. This is not a place that can be described, for it is as unique as the Twins sharing it. This place our Twins are calling us to is not known by any other, only by the Twins going there. And the place that our Twin is calling us from is within us. I cannot tell anyone when they will be with their Twin, nor do I believe anyone else can either. If you, like me, want to know when, where, how, listen to your heart. I bet if you listen closely, the voice that you hear in your heart will be the voice of your Twin.

The more I looked within, the closer I found myself to her, with her. Through our individual journey’s inward, we were able to create a place for us to Love each other without limits or condition. I share my journey with you in Love, Light, and Gratitude.


Rae K. H.thA9YGWG1L

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