Is it not our own Unique journey?

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Something that I have found to be True for my journey is that each individual Soul has their own unique Truth. There are many things that we may share in common. There may be many things that we do not. Yet it is up to us to discern what is True for our journey. For who can tell us what is in our heart? Are there things that we have not even shared about ourselves even with our Twin?

The journey inward, ever inward, is a solo journey. Although we may share portions of that journey with others, it is up to the individual to complete the journey in their way, at their pace. None is above another, nor is any below another. All their is, is Love. Love of self, which reflects our Love of our Twin. If I proclaim my Truth as your Truth, where does that leave your free will? If I can “guide” you to your Twin or to enlightenment, how do you learn what is True for you? It is the same with any information. We must be discerning as we read (as I hope you use your discernment when reading my thoughts).

Many people have found their Truth and are willing to share that Truth, and the importance of that sharing cannot be understated. How else do we find what resonates with us? Yet in sharing our Truth, I believe that it is important to share it as OUR Truth rather then what is True FOR others. After all, who knows the depth of our heart?

I do not say this to provoke any ill will or to cast doubts on anyone else’s Truth, for who am I to say what is True for another or right? I say this in the hopes of provoking thoughtfulness and discernment, two of our crucial tools at this stage in our journey. For if any one else feels the ups and downs of this journey, you know how vulnerable we can be to what sounds good, and want to believe what is easy. Yet it is up to us to discover our own unique Path!!!

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and journey with you!!! It is an honor. Namaste.11091232_797699846980609_4500308676853731876_n

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