Journey Back To One – Love Outside the Box

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Love Outside The Box!


As we continue to navigate this amazing journey back to One, I recall how it all started, what led me to this point in my life – and despite the importance of today’s date 11th November 2015, I remember this date for many other reasons from Abu Dhabi to Alicante, Vienna to Budapest, Opera to Formula One and to Heaven here on Earth.  When I embarked upon this journey back to one, I knew it was time – the Universe had pushed me to the edge of a cliff and it was for me to decide do I walk back from the edge, or jump!  Jumping meant not knowing the outcome, whether I would be picked up before I reached the bottom, or better still grow wings and fly.  When you jump it is the most tremendous roller coaster you will ever ride – you will experience things that you never knew existed in you.  So, when you jump – be sure to know that you are prepared, you will be safe and well, but be sure to hang on for dear life, as you will go to the dark side of yourself and beyond.

The creation of this documentary was very random – I was speaking with a soul sister one day and said you know what we should make a movie, we need to share our truth, we need to show those that are being blinded with nonsense and misinformation that they are not alone.  So within a matter of a few minutes during our conversation the name and the logo were created for “Love Outside The Box”, and then the work began.

The documentary contains very easy to understand guidance, it is not a lecture it is a teaching – many on this journey are camera shy or afraid to “Come out” because of fear – I am pleased that I managed to get together a few other soul family members to participate and put their faces and words to camera.  I am grateful to Amy, Carrie, Caroline, Diana, Rae, Sasha and Teresa for their contribution to the final production and for sharing their words with you the viewers.

I have pleasure presenting Diana Aedo with the debut of her song The Great Invocation – which I used as the intro and end sound track.  If you wish to listen to the full version it is below!

I sincerely believe no matter what our beliefs or perceptions about life and the Universe, we are always presented with inexplicable scenarios and synchronicites throughout our life path, once we are pushed to the edge or limits of our comprehension, then is the time to look more deeply at the underlying message being sent.  There is rhyme and reason for everything that happens to us, once we can get beyond the veils of illusion we truly see what lies within us, and realise we truly are the masters of our own destiny.  I trust you enjoy the information presented, and that it helps you on your own personal journey and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  I am proud to present “Love Outside The Box”


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