Journey With A Shaman!

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Sharing a unique encounter with a Shaman.

We spend a lot of time planning our lives as if some future roadmap is going to serve us on our life journey. We set our desires and wishes, and then begin to plan around them.  “Them” being the most important in the world, and in so many ways ensuring we are not prepared to handle the unknown or situations that cause chaos!  Throughout this ascension journey, I have endeavored to share things that come to my mind, in an attempt to help and guide others.  There are some things that will always be inexplicable or that defy logic, it is then we decide what is real truth and what is not.

I have just spent an incredible weekend in another dimension or world, whether it is “real” or not is neither here nor there! It was an encounter that was brought to me through a series of consequences that defy logic or intelligence.   The more one tries to question its meaning or purpose, begins to send the ego-mind into a turmoil that creates complete chaos and confusion. Perhaps the point here is that we shall allow things to unfold so we can begin to see the bigger picture that is at play.

There has always been a passion to explore the unknown, the universe or higher dimensions, a knowing inside that everything is meant for a reason or purpose.  Particularly the past few years have enabled me to encounter my true self and to deal with the baggage I have been carrying for most of my life.  When one looks at the path traveled, there is some real logic and timing to everything, it is the ego-mind’s demand of wanting to know the answers in advance.  The selfless need to want to know the answers to everything, but are not prepared to deal with the issues that are unresolved.

In this video, I share some insight into my own journey with a Shaman and the experience of last weekend!  Let’s also add there were an eclipse and full moon at the same time, as well as a whole lot of syncs and signs around it all!  The Universe is very powerful, and so are we!!

Please note that each of us has a personal journey.  No two are the same or can be compared to each other. If the opportunity presents itself for you to take a similar encounter, then I would recommend you follow that path.  I believe we are meant to encounter certain things in our life, so that we are reminded of who we truly are, as a Soul.  The human experience is always going to be a battle within the mind of what the mind feels comfortable accepting, compared to the soul which knows that we are all One!

Enjoy your day, and treat it as if it is your last one on this planet!  Sending lots of love and positive energy.


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