Judegment, Idle Gossip and Preaching

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Ramblings of a Warrior of Light!

Yin Yang Human

As the masses awaken to a new reality and begin to witness the veils of illusion being lifted, it is important to know where to turn for advice and guidance.  There are so many large businesses focused, and taking advantage of the newly awakened it is very difficult to decipher where and who to turn to.  Having awoken myself, I began to research using the wonderful internet, which as we all know, can be a treasure chest of useful and good advice.  I recognised instinctively the information that I needed to draw upon, and the ones that offered the proper guidance that matched my set of circumstances.

Those that are truly vulnerable, can be very easily drawn into a den of inequity; they turn to the high profile spiritual personalities, highly ranked “gurus” with lots of followers, and of course those that pay for rankings within the search engines.  It is a web of misinformation, and one has to be very careful with whom they connect and/or trust with their own journey.  Having personally witnessed all this from a distance, I can see those that rely on third parties to promote services, engage writers and social media “ghosts” to interact with a captive audience.

A philosopher, light worker or enlightened being does not spend their time or energy on judging others, spreading gossip or preaching their personal view through social media. These tactics are being used more and more today and the only view that I can make is those who chose this practice are still struggling to come to terms with who they are. They encourage others and in effect encourage followers to adopt the same practices – which in turn causes confusion, controversy and fear based thoughts. Some may justify their actions and call themselves catalysts or triggers – I call it bullying or false prophecy.

The collective is being bombarded with such antics from the “spiritual community”, self-proclaimed “gurus” and those that simply are intent on causing chaos – this is propaganda in its purest form. I have no idea why so many continue to be enchanted by the charm and persuasion. Just because someone has a massive following, does not mean they have a message that is “real or true”. We see this type of communication in all and everyday walks of life, from newspapers, YouTube channels, automobiles, technology and clothing. The human psyche has been convinced that the more followers, or the highest sales, biggest billboards etc. are an indication it is good! When in fact the opposite is more likely to be true.

Each of us is being called to determine who we are in truth, to stand under the light of self-judgment (note SELF) and look at the clear image beaming from our own mind. Take away the external contamination of all and everything – and then listen closely to your heart and soul. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by someone who is really talking a crock of shit, a pile of crap, or utter bull shit. Move away from the groups on social media that simply are gossip machines, steer clear of those “leaders” and others who proclaim to be speaking the truth about the Divine journey, or offering false promises.

As in life, we have to be prepared to go backwards, to confront and deal with the past, to enable us to move forward in truth. One thing we are all blessed with a great memory and a desire to get to the bottom of things especially when we sense a rat!! This is one way to lift to veils of illusion. When someone keeps creating “noise” or wants to be a “leader” they are usually the loudest, and the most offensive, crude or blunt – just to get attention (look at me syndrome). Once they have captivated the audience they have such a following it really causes so much damage to those speaking or wishing to hear truth!

This is an example from real life so you can see clearly.

You have a local farm that produces homemade authentic cheese, he has his own cattle, equipment and farm, all totally hygienic and to the highest standards. His cheese is sold from his door step for $ 5 – he has a reputation for producing the best in the region, and does not rely on marketing or advertising for his cheese. It is word of mouth, he does not sell to anyone else except those that know – he is humble and happy to keep his farm alive from his own hard work and customers. His customers travel to buy, or he will deliver using the lowest cost method, but you will get the freshest and highest quality cheese at a reasonable price. Buying direct you will also support a farmer who reinvests his earnings into his farm, as well as a small community and future generations. You will have a pleasant and personal experience that is so unique and simple.

You go to a larger hypermarket, located conveniently close to your home, you will enter a large carpark, with hundreds of vehicles, grab a trolley/cart, and then enter the den of illusions. Special offer this, that, buy one get one free, best quality, low prices etc. you are bumped and pushed, hearing all these people gossiping and complaining about anything and everything – you are distracted and duped into believing this wonderful illusion, then as you travel to the cheese section, and you find a whole range of cheeses, but not the one from the local farm. You buy one (that is not as fresh or high quality) for the sake of convenience, and then proceed to join the queues of minions who were also enticed to shop at the same place. You will support a corporation that is purely profits driven, that operates draconian working and buying practices. They are not interested in the small producer (except to force it out of business) and will subject you, to extremely high levels of unpleasant energy and entice you to go back each week to shop! This will be a gross experience and in a factory hen type environment which is not healthy for you!

As warriors of light we speak our truth, we share our views of love and peace. We speak up when we see our soul family and others being bullied by the aforementioned people. We would not be who we are otherwise. We would be remiss in our soul obligation not to share love and light, as well as guidance that has served us on our own journey back to One. We are not motivated by wealth or material gain, we are here to help those that need help and guidance.

Warriors of Light normally have the quietest voice, the least number of followers, and the most incredible life journey. They have also experienced tremendous pain, yet still continue to teach (not preach) their words to those that wish to listen. We are not interested in causing a stir, commotion or using bully tactics – it simply is not us. We will be heard by those that need to hear us, we walk alongside those fellow shepherds, who will be there when the flocks of sheep realise they are being led in the wrong direction.

I AM grateful for this opportunity to truly make a difference on this planet, and trust those of you who are touched by this message, will also embark on a similar path towards a beautiful and rewarding life, in love and light. In Divine service.


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