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Keep thinking happy thoughts!

The energies are changing for the better, now is not the time to be pondering on things you could have, should have – it is time to release this thought pattern, as there is nothing you can do to change the past.  Your actions speak louder than your words – so remember if someone or something really gets to you today there is no need to react – stop and take a deep breath and respond with a kind loving thought, gesture or remark.  There is no need to allow the ego to bring you down, especially regarding your twin – if they aren’t communicating is there really a point to wondering what they are thinking or doing? Is there anything you can do to change it? Yes, by sending them love and light – by closing the unresolved conflicts in your life – by removing those from your life that do not serve your higher benefit or have your best interests at heart.

Friends are the same, look at your lists in FB and see how many “friends” are real – those that are truly there in a time of need or crisis – or do you have a list that always call you when they have a problem or crisis and dump their emotional baggage on you.  Do you find you have lots of these in your life…if so, now is a good time to spring clean – a remove them.  Your circle of friends will dwindle to a select few that are with you, on the same frequency and therefore able to magnify the love between you – when you are heavy laden with lots of draining friends you will also be drained – this is the law of attraction.  What is transmitted from within is what you will attract back – simplest way to test that is when you are really happy and flying high, what type of people are around you, I am sure you will notice immediately.  this positivity is multipliable – so it does pay to look and feel good about yourself.

The twin community is healing, many are healing for the collective – as one heals and raises their frequencies, so does the collective benefit, this is the never ending wonder of the work we do for ourselves – it has a direct effect on others.  I am fortunate I have a perfect environment to live in, not to be affected by high rise buildings, traffic, screaming neighbours, sirens and commuting, but I do feel and sense the affects of others – we are sensitive souls, and therefore we should be also ensuring we give ourselves plenty of rest, positive vibes at home and spoiling our bodies with long showers or baths.

My journey continues, more positive signs today that confirm where I am is the right place, news of my project/mission is gaining the right attention, and this will ensure a successful launch on 1st June – I am grateful to those that are assisting and adding valuable input – what is very good is that unlike previously where I have found myself stressing or cracking under time lines and looming launch dates – I am in total peace, tranquillity and in complete belief in what I am doing, and that everything is and will be OK – each day I randomly feel or hear things that should be incorporated, and add them instantly – it is a jigsaw puzzle that is coming together very nicely.  The universe will ensure I am aware of what is needed and will provide the answers and solutions when they are required.  This is applied to all areas of my life now, I may plan tomorrow – but certainly not after that 🙂

Take gratitude in where you are today, appreciate who you are – and if nobody likes that person you are – then this is not your problem – Love yourself without alienating yourself, you are a beautiful soul with love and light – reach out to people you are drawn to reach out to, and live your life for you.

Have a great afternoon – Deane

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