Letting go still!

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And the letting go continues – there is always more!


Yesterday I was reminded to do something important for me, it was letting go of an emotional tie to something extremely valuable (materially), personal and that was a symbol of my old value of love and relationship with my twin – I also had the constant thoughts of contacting her for help with a project I am doing – other things became a priority and to be honest I really did forget about them.  When I woke this morning, I had these thoughts in my mind again, so I set about my day – I did reach out and asked for some help from my twin – and a few minutes after I did let go what I needed to emotionally and materially…As the morning progressed I decided to watch the Formula One final practice from Monaco – I have great memories from there as I worked on a private yacht  for a season in 1994 – towards the end of the practice I felt my heart beat getting stronger – it finished at 1205, so I went to my mailbox – and I was pleasantly suprised to see 2 emails – the first one sent at 1154 confirming my request to release the tie had been completed – and another at 1201 from my twin agreeing to help with the task I asked of her. I am grateful for both emails as it is a sure sign that what I had agreed to was necessary for me.

There are always lingering pieces of the life we have lived not dealt with, or closed properly, and these do cause blockages and other limitations on who you are – they are key to unlocking triggers for all things new and fresh – and let us not forget that the real glory in this twin flame journey is the connection at much higher levels than those in the physical realms.

This is an amazing journey no matter the physical outcome – we are in a better place in our lives, and that is always a good place to start a new and fresh way of living. Many people do not take this opportunity to grow, so for those of us that decide to embark on the soul and mental work – we are the true warriors and kings/queens of our destinies – too many people sit in their own self pity and fret…and forget that living life is awesome – We appreciate beauty at a different level today, so much more to see and feel – we are in touch with the universe in more ways than one – no matter, we shall be taken care of, we shall feel the love of a partner and those around us! It truly is a new life path, with new knowledge and wisdom – a deeper understanding of the values of life and our purpose on this planet – to be at One.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – Love and light!

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