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Life Does Go On – Day by Day – Stop Thinking and be happy)

Living Life with knowledge is a wonderful thing, but let’s not forget that life is for living.  Man today is forever striving to have answers to questions, to see the future, to know he is making the right decisions or choosing the right partner, career, home or even going for a coffee.  I am a person who is nearly 49 years old, I have lived an amazing life, and everyday I see or feel something new.  Yesterday I watched a cherry tree blossom from top to bottom in my back yard, it was something I have never seen before in my life, it was amazing to watch and experience.

The subject of Twin Souls is an interesting one indeed, and one that I have a fresh perspective of.  My personal opinion and view is that when we reach a life crisis it is our instinct to seek answers, we rely heavily on the internet and we will always find a solution that suits our purpose, sometimes this is a subjective view, and we set ourselves on a course of action based on this view, and assume this is the answer…this is where I see the dilemma begins for man.

We as individuals have the ability to feel and sense what is right or wrong, for every thing we do, good or bad there is a consequence, cause and effect, if we look at history, and I don’t mean our most recent history (the last 2000 years or so) we can see that man has constantly been seeking answers from the Universe..the Egyptians, The Greeks, The Romans, The Maori, The Mayans etc. All of these well established cultures had beliefs and sought answers from the Universe.  There are many writings about belief systems and mechanisms that helped man to understand, or to have something to believe in, in effect man created something to believe in, that at the end of your life there is a purpose, the journey continues, and I am a firm believer that this is true.

What I see today is the obsession for an answer, without actually experiencing what life has to offer..I see and read so many young men and women totally obsessed with answers to their life situations, and failing to actually experience the journey that life offers.  Life is an amazing adventure and it is being slowly being eroded by our constant need for answers or labelling our experiences.  Love is a personal journey and no matter whatever happens in our lives, we are free to love who or what we want, and no one can take that away from us, this is ours to own and keep.  We choose who and what to love, but we are so influenced by the way the world is evolving…in effect it is not evolution, we are being forced to accept what the large corporations want us to think is best for us.

I am fortunate to remember the days of no internet, no mobile telephones, and simple innocence of discovery…compared to today we are really forced to follow what our employers, family, media or business wants us to we spend far more time in the office and commuting that there is no time for what is more valuable, ourselves and our families.  We are compelled to provide, to consume to purchase to waste all because it has become convenient, and more sadly a habit…so I feel that when we label things such as twin souls, we need to have a clear picture and understanding of ourself.  And that all begins with our own truth.

To understand who we are today, we have to look at our life going backwards, then we should look at who influenced our lives as children and how they prepared us for our lives…human psychology in the end is quite simple, as time has progressed this is also evolving, as we have more understanding of cause and effect…so many catastrophic events in the last century contributed to the way our parents and grand parents treated us or acted towards us.  Transactional analysis is the clearest example of how we interpret and act on information or life situations.  Parallel to this we have our own personal spiritual path, we choose to believe what we want based on the facts presented, or the research obtained.

Twin Souls is a personal journey, the same as life…we choose to believe based on fact/experiences; whether it is someone we have met or not, the reality is that it is a personal relationship primarily with ourself.  Only we know within ourselves whether to have faith or not, it is a personal choice.

Others can give guidance and knowledge based on their personal experiences and wisdom, but I do believe there is a real chance that vulnerable people will and have been taken advantage of because of the way technology and our human need for answers.  We have forgotten how to interpret information ourselves, or we have forgotten to trust our heart and soul in decision making, these days the answer must be on FB or Google…when the reality is the answer is within ourselves.

It takes a brave man to turn the other cheek, or to walk away from a fight, it takes a brave man to look within himself for the truth about himself, I do believe that until you have found the truth about yourself it is very difficult to fully understand the reality of Twin Souls, and whether what you are feeling or interpreting is a reflection of who you really are or what you want to believe.

I wrote this not to cause a controversy or to dampen anyone’s beliefs or views, it is an honest opinion.  I have always followed my instinct and intuition and lived with the consequences of them…a major crisis occurred in my life last August that led me to self discovery, and to resolving life trauma’s, experiences, and also past life incidents that cropped up on the way.

It was not until after I completed this house keeping did I discover the concept (as I have already posted), knowing deep inside myself that the person who I had been involved with was special, and played an important role in finding myself.   I believe she is my twin soul, I believe the reality of the situation is what it is, and I have reached the stage where I can see the messages the universe gave me throughout my life, and I am happy that I have finally found myself.

Today I am more aware, and I am so grateful to the Universe for bringing me together with my Twin, and for experiencing the physical we shared, I know that I have grown and learned, I also know that this belief and feeling will not prevent me from living my life or from loving another))  Life is for living and growing!!

I hope some of you can relate or find this information useful, if you would like any guidance or further clarity please send a PM, and I will be happy to share more.

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