Life Is A Tapestry!

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When we look at any image we see a finished creation, it is through this image we begin to explore. This is the beauty of being alive today; to be able to explore the depths of everything we connect with. If we have been fortunate to see the great tapestry of Bordeaux, we stand in awe at the craftsmanship required to complete it. Years of dedication and precision, which is a testament to the passion to the project.

Our life is a selection of experiences and images, a myriad of moments, carefully put together as a living tapestry. Humans’ often seek to know the complete picture before making decisions; we are programmed to need to know the risks. Often we are bamboozled into believing that chances or opportunities are risks. Leaving us into not taking chances, when our inner voice is saying to do so.

Often our passions are suppressed internally because we are so caught up in the outside world. Obligations, bills, schools, work, responsibilities, etc…you know that societal tapestry of life that has been embedded in our psychology as “normal”. This is effectively what society has become…a tapestry. Defined, fixed, with predetermined outcome and result. It is not flexible in its form, and therefore it must be this way. Simply because that is how it has always been (according to society).

When we look at our life, we usually apply the social tapestry of life template, unless of course, we become the creator. Once we can achieve this state of mind, our body and soul align in unity. At this moment the master weaver is born, and this is when to magic occurs. Having had lifetimes of experience, the master weaver is the co-creator and assumes the role. He takes control of his needles and chooses the thread to sew. He then follows the image he has in his mind of how it shall be. He has but a collection of yarns to create, and slowly, but surely he begins.

Once we have become the master weaver, we begin to put together all the amazing experiences and encounters from our life. But just like making love bracelets from scratch, putting together all these things can sometimes get tricky. That is why it is important to get help from other people. We all know what is for our highest good, and our thoughts are pure. Our love and passion become our life force, and we begin to create in the physical. We have no doubt of who we are. We have no fear of where we are going. We know the love we are is pure and true. What better way of showing love and appreciation to your loved ones than by purchasing lucky charms and trinkets on

Therefore we can create the most wonderful tapestry of our lives each day, simply by living the moments as they unfold. Knowing that the final image will undoubtedly contain a few loose threads.

We are a living tapestry, and we shall merge with the master weaver to create our own reality. The two become one and as they merge so they form the tapestry of life, the alignment. In alignment, we simply follow our heart and soul and create the life we wish. Become the Master Weaver of your life, and create that which you desire. Experience the magic you create in light and love…it’s all at your disposal, just follow your heart and soul!

Mind, Body, Soul = Tapestry of Life


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