Living a Dream!

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My dream is evolving every day – Your’ can also!


Every day something new materialises, another challenge, another feeling or sensation, and this growing is really so tremendous!

I am putting together an amazing project, all of which is truly incredible – there are many things to live and learn from life, it is essential we learn to feel with our hearts and stop using that almighty power we call the brain (which we don’t use to its full capacity) and rely more on the full power of the universe to gain our answers, as these are the correct ones that are for our higher benefit and purpose.

Some of you may feel this is a crazy state of mind – but I ask you is it really?  Most of the great and famous names from history were not distracted by the conformists of the world, they soldiered on relentless in their cause and beliefs – today you see their creations all around you, everywhere you go, everything you see and touch was created by someone who did not conform to the rule of the land or to societies demands or expectations.

It is perfectly acceptable to have dreams, and live them – it is perfectly acceptable to have your head in the clouds (Walter Mitty), this is inspiration, this allows you to think outside of the box and form your own opinion and ideas, and then to implement them in your life – then watch and see where you finish 🙂

You may be going through some tough times, but when you think about it, isn’t it that is creating this tough time?  Is it you that is stagnant in your thought process? Isn’t it you that lived well and happy before you were in this place?  So take a trip into dream land, and feel your heart and soul once again – fill yourself with those good memories and happy times – and promise yourself that you will get there again – starting from this minute!  You are your own worse enemy, high frequency individuals are always susceptible to negative affects of the planet, but when you switch that thought process to positivity – your world changes – your shine again – and never do you attract that negative, if it does attempt to come near it is repelled because that is the true power of the universe!

The moral of this message – when you truly fill your heart with goodness only goodness comes – and very very quickly – when a challenging situation comes to you in this state of mind – your goodness will find a good solution to dismiss or convert it into something positive 🙂


The album below please listen to – Live Inside a Dream!

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