Looking backwards – stops you going forwards!

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Prepare for the Roller Coaster – forewarned is forearmed!

Worlds fastest roller coaster!
Worlds fastest roller coaster!

Lets be honest, everything you have read about the Twin Flame journey is about pain, agony, ups and downs, tears and mood swings, highs and lows – this is the starting point – these emotions and feelings can not be compared to any other relationship you have experienced before – it is the most excruciating pain a person can go through for love.  On the other side of that equation is the love and intimacy that can not be compared to anything else you have experienced either, it is simply the best you will ever have in your life!

So let me try to put this into some perspective on how to navigate this journey! Imagine you are in a queue for the tallest and fastest roller coaster ride – do you feel your heart pounding and jumping out of your chest, the sweaty palms, the anxiety, and the adrenalin all at once – does this feeling remind you of your twin also? So let us relate the twin flame journey to this ride!!

Is the ride in the park always fun when you get on-board it? are you are full of fear and worry and all the other thoughts? and what is the feeling when you get to the end?  you will say to do it again as you liked the end result and feelings, or, you will scream never again!  The point is you did it – and the twin journey is that roller coaster ride – with knowledge and wisdom we  know what to expect, and we are prepared for it when it happens during the twin flame union. And you will be on that roller coaster ride for a while in the twin journey!

The idea during separation is to have the courage to get on the ride in the first place, it is easy to join the queue and say “I wanna” do it – when it is your turn in the line you are either a “gonna be” or a “wanna be”! The choice is yours! You will always be stuck or remain in the queue if you are a “wanna be”!! It really is as simple as that!  Do you see the point here?  Can you put yourself in that queue? if not read above again!

If you keep looking backwards then you will never go forwards – it is my personal point of view based on all my life experience and intuition.  The idea is to forget the pain and focus on the end result and not to constantly keep referring to the past – no-one knows if the ride will give you the thrill you expect, or even if it makes it to the end in one piece – when I went on the worlds fastest roller coaster I did not know what to expect, and to travel at 200 km/h on a roller coaster is pretty hair raising I can tell you – the same for any big ride – bungee jumping, or parachuting, or anything deemed high risk, lets make it this type of ride – one where there is an element of fear – will I, wont I situation – this is the point of view to take your twin journey from.

But remember with the twin journey you have NO say in whether you start or finish you are in that journey whether you like it or not, it is Divine- it is entirely up to the individual how they experience that journey – lets talk about the benefits of the journey instead of the pain and suffering – we all know the pain and suffering because we have experienced it in all our lives – I am not trying to take the pain away – but to show the positives and benefits to everyone of the end result is a happy, peaceful, pleasant place, full of adrenalin, passion, desire and lust for life – embrace the pain, jump and let it go – the end result is beautiful!

When you can change your focus on the good things, the troubles will be just an incidental part of it, as you are prepared for it, and you are able to deal with it all in a proper way – and the realistic perspective should allow the reunion to occur sooner rather than later.  I don’t believe you can completely be prepared unless you undertake psychological and spiritual work in parallel, they are too intertwined – one leads to the other, as they say when one door closes another opens.  You need to be prepared to challenge yourself in both of these aspects of your life if you wish to have complete cleansing and closure on all your life lines baggage.

I have come out of the tunnel where the light was always shining at the end – now I am standing in the light, and racing towards the next station, it is not for my twin, it is for myself – full steam ahead!  I have room in my mission and heart for my twin, it is entirely up to the Universe shall we be reunited in this life line or the next, but my work does not stop on myself or in my mission.  This article may not resonate with some of you, and I respect that – but really lets take the nuts and bolts out of this situation and look at the end result – pure and true love of ourselves, and probably for the first time in your life – the world looks a different place when you can love yourself, and the world looks at your differently also.


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