Lost and Found – Inner Child

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Lost and Found!

Our Inner child is the key to this!
Our Inner child is the key to this!

One day I was passing the lost and found

When I saw a little child crawling in the ground

He was looking for something that he couldn’t see

So I took his hand and said follow me


Come with me my son let’s get out of here

With me there can be no sense of fear

Trust In me and I will make you safe from harm

For sure there was no one to raise the alarm


When he raised his head I saw a tear

I opened my arms, gave a sigh and cheer

I lifted him up and hurried quickly home

To make my space ours, so he was not alone


From that day forward he has grown up strong

Today he is full of true love and moving along

The smiles so real his laughter loud and so full

There is no reason for him to reach out and pull


He is walking now with his head held up high

The sunshine beams down high from the sky

Look at him now, proud and so full of life

Now he is ready without any pain or strife


In a moment of chance I saw him alone and there

Perhaps I was looking in the mirror at my own stare

He is now a man who is full and complete

Ready to conquer his life and to defeat


All this past that is said and been done

Finally with all the knowledge he has won

Overcome your fears and walk away from the past

For what has happened should not dwindle and last


Your life is yours so claim it now

Set yourself free from it, no matter how

I will hold your hand and walk with you

Our lives bonded together with a special glue


I will hear your words, and watch your smile

For reality is life that only lasts for a short while

That thing called eternity is what waits for us all

So please let me pick you up from your great fall


I will be with you and you with me

Together we are in harmony

When one is two and two is one

You know that you have conquered and won.

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