Love IS all around us!

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I am love – I am in Love – Love IS all around us!

The-Love-Of-Two-Roman-HeroesAs I woke this morning to another wonderful day, I looked out of the window and saw an amazing transformation in my back garden – a wave of blue, white and yellow flowers.  Despite the 35+ Celsius we have been experiencing the past few days, mother nature still performs her wonders.  The energies recently have changed, the warmth inside is so beautiful – it is a feeling of love, and one that I have truly never experienced before in my life.   This is quite an incredible journey, as is said expect the unexpected.

The tests keep being presented, and the ego is challenging all the time – it raises its nagging head every now and again just to remind that is still waiting to pounce, but that love is shining through and always offering an alternative path that is so much more interesting.  Think positive and it will be that way!

As each of us raises our vibrations, we are lifting the collective – each day I see and hear of twins reconnecting, having communication or even meeting!  What we put out is what we shall expect in return.  If you are not willing to do the homework how can you expect to pass the end of year exams.  There is no magic recipe that is going to fix each situation between twins, but I do believe there is only one sure way to keep it all together, and that is self belief.  There have been many times when I have been on the floor in a ball crying like a baby asking for this all to be over, I have asked what is the purpose of this, and why me!!

My eyes and ears are open to every situation possible, I am not distracted by the news or what others are doing in their lives, as I have my own life – I help others that I sense need it, those that follow it through truly are in another place now, they have grown so fast it is incredible.  Those that doubt need someone to remind them every day that there is more work to be done on the psyche, and I cant stress this enough.  This is a true test of oneself, being able to confront oneself and challenge it, analyse it and change it.  You need a trigger, you have your twin.  It is all about removing the distractions from your life, the unnecessary hangers on and those so called friends.

Love is all around us, Love is inside of us – we are love.  Take advantage of the wonderful changes in the universe, aspire to your hearts desire, raise your vibration and let go of the baggage holding you back.  I wish for all of you to feel what I feel today, it is a unique fresh feeling of pure love, I am full to overflowing, I am smiling like a Cheshire cat and lots of magic going on around.  I am touching the hearts and souls of others, treat these as triggers, watch the videos I have available…there is something YOU can do to bring the feeling of love inside.

Enjoy your weekend!

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