Love Is Priceless

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And before you say anything…breathe!!  When we look back at history we can see how things have evolved until today, and well I can imagine our ascentors are pretty much laughing and joking about the way we are today!  Should you believe in reincarnation, past lives and other such things, then you will appreciate your purpose here today.  We are here to change the course/direction that humanity is heading for, we are here to influence our fellow man in the name of unconditional love.

Great Philosophers….and Love!

There are many great philosophers, play wrights, poets, actors, artists, authors and songwriters who speak of love, in an attempt to reach our heart and soul.  Words and images affect our psyche and inherently our behaviour patterns, some say we are blinded by love and all that matters is wealth.  I know that my interpretation of love has changed massively, after all what is love?  We are love, so therefore, my love is different to yours, and so on.  My image of love is one that is influenced by all that is seen, heard and felt – and each one of us being unique has the ability to interpret love at a soul or personal level.

So where is this going!!  Love is a feeling,  an inexplicable sense of being in a cloud of bliss, an untangible and unquanifiable form of energy, a gift to share, love is personal, it is yours and only yours (as it is unique to you).  It is the one thing we spend a lot of time wondering about, trying to make it a tangible thing, but it is so personal, that it just is in essence who we are.  Our love can be shared freely, without expectation, gain or reward, no matter what is or will happen to it.  This is where love becomes all twisted and distorted by psychologists, science and man in general – why do we have to bastardise everything we do?

In seeking peace and harmony with ourselves we should remember that since our conception we have been programmed in a certain way, our mindstantric are massive sponges of information, that help us function on a daily basis.  It is influenced by what we see, hear and experience, even during our sleep, the mind is continually functioning, we know this through dreams and nightmares.  It is forever processing information and will always do so, even beyond the last minutes of our lives, this is the mind’s function.Whilst one can not doubt the excellence of certain scientists and pioneers who have made incredible discoveries, we are still embarking on the quest to find more and more information.

We are sending men to space, satellites to spy, submarines to search, telescopes to see beyond our galaxy, and so much more that goes beyond our very own space and planet.  Man is on a quest for information, answers, and facts to support the very existence on this planet, yet we have forgotten to take a look at one of the most incredible discoveries of all.  We have forgotten to look at ourselves.

By not looking at ourselves, or trying to examine all that we are, how can we have this urge to seek everything that is external to our very existence.  To really get to grips with who we are, surely we must know everything there is to about ourself…who we truly are, where we have come from, what we have done, what we are capable of, and to understand just how powerful we truly are as individuals.  Yes it my be very difficult to imagine a completely different way of living, but try to for just one minute.

Take away the noise of the planet from your daily life for just one or two hours…take a step out of the illusionary 3D norm, and listen to your heart beating, and your soul calling.  Listen to that beating, that powerhouse inside, providing the food needed for you to live.  Feel the breath in your lungs, feeding your body with oxygen, hear your higher self calling your name and pleading with you to become the pure being you can be.  Feel the love inside of you, for that beautiful soul, for all that you are…fill yourself with the sense of wonder, and explore yourself intimately.  Yes put yourself under a microscope and see who you are, and what makes you tick, what turns you on, what really you are passionate about, and how you can achieve that.

love just is energy in usTake away the restrictions and limitations your current lifestyle offers you, and see truly what your heart and soul shows you, become in-tune with the energies of yourself, the ones that you are creating, and feel the energy of others.  With such a large volcabulary and the use of many interpretations of words, many become so angry or upset because of what someone says, again this is all interpretation, and unique to each of us.  When we start to analyse and examine things, we use words to describe what it is – putting feelings into words is nearly impossible, because you can not possibly feel what I feel when reading this, unless of course we share the same energy/vibration.

Love is an energy that is can not be packaged, wrapped, labelled, bought or sold – it is simply love.  We can complicate it as much as we want, we can use many fancy ways and means to express love, but what really matters is what our heart and soul senses.  Man has created so many ways to encourage us to express love, we even have a special day “Valentines Day”, only a profiteer would think of that.

Every day is a love day, how you show it, and live it and feel it is yours to decide and own…whether it be a call, message, note, flowers, lunch or anything else do it from the heart centre and let the love energy flow into all that you do.  I have many notes in my wallet from my beloved.  Try to  scribble on a piece of paper and post on the door for them to find on the way out in the morning, or in the pantry next to the first thing used in the morning, be creative and genuine, for that thought, smile and feeling is transferred into the action.

No one can take your love away – you can choose to share it however you wish, but be sure it is from the heart and not the ego mind.  When someone asks what is love, it just is something so beautiful, powerful and unquantifiably personal, that any words will spoil its true meaning and value.  True love is priceless.

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