How to Manage Being Highly Sensitive!

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Some Useful Guidance from Deano!


As many of us begin to go through the awakening process, we are finding more and more our true authentic self.  We are beginning to recognize our sensitivities to everything around us and that is in our lives.  Our ego is no longer 100% in control of our lives as we become more attune to our inner guidance and intuition.

There are many who have felt these types of feelings before in their lives, but now the feelings are more powerful and intrusive, in some cases they really do affect our daily lives.  You are a highly sensitive being (or an empath) who is susceptible to taking on board so much that belongs to others.  Whilst it can become uncomfortable there is nothing to fear or worry about as there are ways in which you can counter act the effects.

It is not unusual to become very emotional at the strangest of times, or not able to manage tasks that others have no problem doing with ease.  In a lot of cases, you begin to doubt your own abilities, or that there is something drastically wrong, or even worse you are going crazy.  Well, let me tell you that you are none of these!  In fact, you are a very unique individual with wonderful powers and skills, which will soon master the ability to keep your sensitivity in balance.

To really appreciate being around others an empath must learn to protect themselves against the unwanted energies of others. Unfortunately, we cannot prepare for the unexpected events that can occur in our daily lives, but there are some very healthy things we can do should we need to balance ourselves live!

At a Party and Feel Anxious or Drained All at Once?


Imagine you are at a friend’s party, and the room is filled with strangers whom you don’t really know, you tend to hover around a small group of people you know and resonate with, they are on your frequency.  All of a sudden you begin to feel anxious, or uneasy when someone approaches the group of friends you are with.  Perhaps your breath becomes heavier, or a feeling of just wanting to escape, you feel a little at ease as one of your friends appears to know this person.

Internally you alarm bells are ringing, and you don’t know what is happening to you. Why have you all of a sudden gone from a party butterfly to a party pooper!!??

If this happens you can be sure that the offending person is attracted to all the positive energy flying around you and your friends.  Others may not recognize it but they are drawn to the frequency, just like a bee to pollen.

If you are able, make an excuse to go to the bathroom or even better slip outside for fresh air – it is likely you are going to feel an immediate difference in the way you feel.  If one of your friends joins you, ask them if they feel something strange or weird since that person joined you.  Don’t feel embarrassed or make any excuses, these are your senses warning you of a potential drain on your energy.

For sure you are going to feel better after a little while, but you have to make a decision whether to continue mingling with that person in close proximity or to find another group to mix with.  Don’t be shy tell your friends what you feel, and continue to enjoy the atmosphere as far away from the offending energy.

Unable to leave – Don’t Worry Just Breathe!

Should this party be a small gathering don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to leave, one of the important things we need to learn is to avoid running away and hiding.  We are at the party for a reason, and perhaps to learn that there is a way of controlling the anxiety or unpleasantness.  It is quite fun to transform another’s lower vibes into positive ones, you will begin to learn how to do this very easily!


So, you are feeling anxious and you need to resolve it so not to ruin your night and party mood, so begin to focus on your breath.  You may think this sounds crazy, but it is not at all.  Take time to close off your mind to all that is going on around you, and breath.  Yes, it is OK to close your eyes and drift away for a few minutes of you time.

We are going to center ourselves and regain our power, through simply breathing in calm, and exhaling stress – this is needed to overcome fear and pain.  Imagine the negative vibes and emotions as a grayish cloud lifting from over your head and leaving your body.  Picture the positive vibes and calmness as the sun shining brightly through the gray cloud, eventually leading to a clear blue sky.

This exercise will help you regain composure with immediate effect, and to continue with your party mood.

Bubbling – Add A Layer of Protection

Not to be confused with blowing bubbles in the air with the kids!!  But a very useful tool before you are entering a large crowd or get together.  If you are aware you are going to be mingling with lots of different people you don’t know, then be sure to practice this before the show begins.  You should stand or sit in a comfortable place, and close your eyes, whilst focusing on your breathing.

Place your arms straight by your side, and imagine you are going to grab two handles in the ground either side of you.  As you pull the handles and raise your arms (keeping them straight) imagine you are pulling up a large plastic or glass bubble.  As your hands join together straight up above your head, imaging that the bubble is now complete, and has formed a protective barrier around you.

For more protection simple surround yourself with white light whilst you are inside the bubble, as this will protect you throughout the day or night.


Fire and water design concept. 10 eps.

After a Hard Day’s Night!

No matter whether you were able to deflect or avoid others lower vibrations and energy, it is always best to take a long bath or shower, particularly if you have absorbed others energy.  I believe that using Himalayan mineral salts is one of the best ways to detox the body and soul after a rough day in 3D land!  If you don’t have a bath, no worries, you can still enjoy the feel of the salt on your skin.  Take a plant spraying bottle and add some pure salt crystals and water to make a salt solution in the bottle.

After your shower, lightly spray your body from top to bottom with the salt solution, and allow it to be absorbed into the skin.  It is important not to dry yourself, and allow the skin to dry naturally, this way the salt is taken into your body and can work on purifying your energies too.

As an empath, it takes practice at just BEing – after a while, it becomes second nature and part of your daily life.  Finding the right balance in all of this, these tips will certainly help you achieve this relatively quickly, and are very simple to incorporate in to your life.

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