Message for 15 October

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For my Soul Family


OK, so here is a quick observation – the kids are talking more and more, they are reaching out to talk, lots of attention to distant parent(s), some are feeling a little sick or under the weather as if there is a piece of them missing…the energies in the Southern Hemisphere are off the grid, so much activity from Australia and New Zealand the past 48 hours…old friends reconnecting out of the blue….for no reason, just to say hello!! Power players being called out are you really who you say you are? Are you a true blue or a soon to be distant shadow…..creative minds are coming alive, we are getting stronger by the hour, our energy fields are connecting and merging as the power above allows us to remember, and shows us the true path…where are we going, does it really matter, we are moving forward, we are creating magic with this wisdom – we know what to do, or not, this is not the point…we are all one, we should do this together.

Those suffering from pain or discomfort, take a walk on the wild side, let your hair down and go for a walk in the forest or a swim in the sea, or a day in the funfair or amusement park, let it all go. Scream from the highest building and let it all out…but dont jump:) All is good, remember who you are – it is real it is true just believe.

I dont apologise for the totality of this message, you know who it is for, read and heed the words…take action…actions speak louder than words, time to stop thinking, processing and talking just do it…you have the power within, your beloved is there, she knows who you are..take her by the hand and take her through the streets of London (they wrote a song about that) or remember that famous castle in the sky…it is real. Believe and release all the old templates and trust in the messages you are getting from your loved ones.

For others still wondering or wandering – you decide what you need to do, and reach out to your soul family for direction, someone has an answer for you, think and the person will come to mind and ask away, they will help you, they will guide you, it is simple as that.alice

Listen to some music and clear those cobwebs, and let the flow go through to your soul.

End of story not end of times – Alice in Wonderland is an amazing adventure, if you follow the yellow brick road, you may find the house that jack built or even jack and the beanstalk, it does not matter who you find or where the path goes, follow your heart.

Love and Light my Dear Soul Family


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