Mirror Mirror On The Wall!

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Are You The Fairest Of Them All?

How the energies are shifting so quickly these days; we hardly have time to get used to our own self these days!  What is this all about, and why it is so important?  During any transition, all aspects of our self shall come into balance, and this also involves looking at our self through others.  Recently there has been a significant increase in mirrors/reflections of our former self.

I for one have encountered numerous fresh reflections. Is this as a reminder or a test?  Well, in my opinion, it is both. As we continue to ascend into the higher vibrations our mind, body and soul have a need to adjust to what is ahead.  The reminders are a way to show exactly how far we have gone on this journey.  In addition, through our own life lessons, we can help the mirror on their journey too.

The test in many ways is how do we respond to the mirror.  This is an interesting aspect that has perplexed me for the past few days. I have no choice but to experience all that is, throwing in the towel is not an option! There shall be no fear in reaching out for real help to handle what we are going through.  For those that are guiding others, we also experience all these things in a very real way.  It can be over whelming in so many ways – and sometimes we really don’t know what to do.

Soul Family To The Rescue!

This is the beauty of our soul families, for which I am truly grateful.  We have someone who may have an answer or a safe harbour to share our encounters.  What we share with others leads to more ripples in the grid, that benefit us all.  We are a massive pool of precious resources. Although some really are not aware of their true “power” or abilities.  When we touch someone with our actions or words, we ignite an invisible fuse wire, that just keeps going and going.

For those on the Twin Soul journey, there appears to be a pleasant balance within, but a big awareness of our counterpart.  The signs and syncs seem to be far more visible (because we can now see them clearly), as well as a clear path ahead.  What is present in 3D land will not show the complete picture, but spirit is certainly working overtime at the moment.  Whether it be in dream state (increased number and lucidity), or in “look alikes” appearing, we are being reminded of them.

Better Out Than In!

No matter what is present in our own lives, there are a lot of external elements at play, and ones that we shall simply rise above.  When we get lost in what is going on, we have a tendancy to get lost ourselves.  This inevitably leads to a whole lot of internal conflict and pain, as well as short sharp lessons in quick succession.  We are destined to ascend, therefore we shall transcend what is going on in the world around us.

As we move onwards, we are reminded of who we are, and how much we have achieved.  When it does get tough, it is OK to break down and cry, or vent. It is better out than in as Shrek once said!  Stay strong, and know that you are protected at all times.  The love is beaming so brightly, and your Prince or Princess of Light is so very proud of all you have acheived.  Be the love that you are, and remember you are worthy of all you can imagine and dream of.

Take a look into the mirror and see the love that you are!

We will all live happily ever after in never never land with our true love!!

In love as always



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