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Mission and purpose – the light is shining so brightly now!


I am grateful for the messages of thanks and appreciation from all over the world – for those that are touched by my posts it is important that you share the information that resonates with you, our work is never done, we are constantly learning and growing – this is truly soul development.  I am not interested in the number of fans or followers, I am interested in reaching those that should hear the words and who can benefit – those that read should be able to feel the words and be able to see the same image I am trying to create – I share what I see and have seen..enjoy!

I have learned a lot from my life a tremendous amount of information has been absorbed, I have been to places that I know I have visited before – I do recall when I was living in Perth, Australia – I flew to Bali, Indonesia 8 or 9 times in about 8 months – it was expensive, but I did not know why – I was searching for something, and now I look back I never did the touristy things – I was on a mission to find something for my soul – I remember now a beautiful time I went horse riding near a beach of black sand – it was amazing – I asked the guide “can I gallop into the sea?” – he said “yes, you ride like a warrior – be sure to hold the stallion well!”,  I grabbed the reins and took a firm grip and nudged the horse into a slow trot, then faster, until we reached a pint of full gallop, we were riding in unison along this beautiful black sandy beach, the waves crashing to my right.  I tried in earnest to turn into the sea, and eventually we made it – he stopped all of a sudden , and I went over the reins directly into the incoming wave..fortunately I never let go of the thin piece of leather, the stallion pulled me out of the sea 🙂


After this, I asked my guide to take me to a place, I described it from my mind – he said he knew where it was – and he took me to an amazing place, not where tourists were, which was quite surreal – the image I saw was what I was searching for – a natural lake with a small temple built in the water – I was there for a few hours and then left with my guide – he said to me “now I see you are full” – I left the Island the next day having found what my soul was pushing me to find – I still have no idea why, even to this day – but the memory is there a permanent fixture, like a colouring book where on one page is the picture in full colour the page next is marked where you should paint – I know that page was completed.

I am in the process of launching my own mission and purpose – it is called the Lighthouse Project – I have created a secret Face book group where details are published of the project – but to give a synopsis here is the intro – “The Lighthouse Project – To renovate this former icon into a centre of entertainment, education and healing. To heal and offer a place of refuge for victims of PTSP (post 1991/2 conflict), to teach in the community social awareness and skills to assist victims of PTSP. To establish programs for children of all ages, promoting wellness, healthy and spiritual ways of life, to include yoga, meditation and honesty. To add an English language school for private education, an international centre of excellence where we shall teach foreign students how to assist in their communities around the world, especially in war torn areas in every continent. And much much more – we shall ensure this building thrives as it once did before the conflict in 1991/2, and ensure we make a bright light to shine around the entire region, country, continent and the world!”

I am asking for others to participate through sharing this project to those that can help – if this is something you can participate in send me a request through social media – facebook send a friends request and I will add you to the secret group where full details are publish – we shall also be launching a crowd funding campaign to raise the funds necessary to purchase the asset – any assistance with this would also be greatly appreciated.  If you dont use social media use the contact form below in confidence – Thank you for your support – Deane

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