Mission USA – 5 Venues, 3 Cities, 1 Aim!

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Stepping Up!

Infinity Sign for TwinflamesReaching the masses is relatively straight forward these days with all of the various social media platforms at our disposal. Over the past few weeks a series of events, signs and synchronicities, have connected me, at a deeper level with the USA. It is not something that I have sought, and I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason. Being presented with opportunities to explore further, I have decided perhaps it is time for me to really step up a little bit higher! As I have been saying a lot lately, have wings will fly!

Whilst I do not have the financial resources myself, I do have the ability to deliver some amazing gifts – the ability to randomly tap into others past lives and envisage them; the ability to connect and sense ailments and character issues; the ability to tell it like it is; the ability to shed perspective on life issues; the ability to help others reach a new understanding. In addition, I have some incredible energy that flows through me, that seems to heal others. It happens naturally, so I don’t wish to research its full meaning or potential, as that would simply just add a label. So I am asking for help from you, so that I can travel to the USA and carry out this essential work.

Helping Others To Help Themselves

For the past several years, I have been sharing my words with many, in addition I have also touched the lives of a few. This work has been done with one sole aim – to share the love that I am, and to help others reach a place of transformation. If it was not for others help I certainly would not be where I am today, and it is that ethos we shall explore. Sharing the love, sharing our vulnerability, and sharing our wisdom.

Love is an essence that exists within us all, unfortunately, humanity appears to have added so many conditions that love has been packaged in a box. This is something that has happened over millenia, but today, as the world begins to shift consciousness, many now see the illusions. Many millions have begun to see the world through different eyes, and are wondering if they are absolutely crazy. This is an awakening on a massive scale, and one that is causing ripples throughout the entire universe.

Many who are experiencing the awakening find it hard to access proper information or guidance, as there appears to be so much disinformation in the public domain. In addition, it is an observation, as well as a fact, that those who are going through this, are bearly able to support themselves. They have no way of paying for counselling or guidance, or if they do, they tend to believe that they are cured (when in fact they are not). In some cases it is necessary for hands on or face to face discusson to really trigger the necessary aspects to transformation.

Purpose Of Mission – Sharing The Love, Tools and Wisdom

twin flame and people powerI would like to create several small groups in 5 different venues, in 3 cities in the USA. At the moment I am considering Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco – but I am open to exploring other suggestions. During the events, I plan to share various skills and tools that will lead to decluttering realities. Taking things back to basics, with clear and simple explanations. I will also be picking up energies within the venues, and who knows what past lives will come through. There will also be the chance to ask questions from the floor, and to receive valuable healing.

During the sessions I will also share my own experiences and views on the direction of humanity, as well as openly discuss other topics such as past Life Regression Reiki Healing and Shamanism. This is not a stage performance by any stretch of the imagination. Sitting in a small park or nature reserve is more my cup of tea.

The smaller the groups the better, but I am also comfortable sharing with thousands of people too! The objective is to share and receive with others, so that the teaching can continue, so that the grid work we are doing can continue in earnest.  I envisage making the sessions as low cost as possible, so that they are affordable to many.

How Can You Help?

I require help to travel to USA in late June and spend 18 days there.  It would be great if you can Suggest or provide a small venue in your local area. Connect me with local groups that would be happy to share this type of event.  

A place to stay whilst I am in your area (reduces costs!).  Helping organise the events in your area.  In any way you can to be honest.  I  am happy to dedicate my time to working with generous contributors, in the privacy of their homes whilst I am there.

If you have a skill or service that compliments mine, and you would like to join me on the mission it would be great too 🙂

Many hands make “Lightwork”! Have wings will travel!

Current Itinerary (Subject to Successful Campaign!)
Los Angeles – 26th to 30th June 2017
Las Vegas – 1st to 4th July 2017
San Francisco – 5th to 8th July 2017
Los Angeles – 9th to 11th July 2017

Venues to be confirmed – Any Suggestions appreciated

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