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The Synchronicities and how they amaze!

SONY DSCAs this journey progresses I am amazed with the daily in my face syncs – they are becoming more blatant, more than a confirmation, it is a realisation.  As if a testimony to what and where I am going, and believe me I have now got to the point where I am living in the present moment – and whilst it feels very strange and new, I have stopped thinking about it, or trying to analyse it.

These seagulls were circling above my house a few minutes ago, these are normally a sign of a lighthouse, and they traditionally flock together in search of safety at the onset of a storm.  I am nowhere near any sea, and this is not the first time I have seen seagulls close to me in the past month.

With all the recent social media posts that relate to the changes in energies, and planetary activity, in the past few days I have seen more reference to lighthouses, about shining our own light.  These are true signs there are a few of us light-workers that have a common connection, message and opinion.  I have no idea, and really dont want to know the symbolism of them all, I interpret them as a Universal sign that I am on the right path, I am giving the service I need to for others to grow and learn.

What is very interesting is the rapid growth I am experiencing, a rapid change in my thoughts and my writing – I am no longer thinking, I am doing – I am auto writing like never before, and there feels some sense of urgency to get some message out.  Others are telling me they can feel my energy around them, that is a wow for me, I feel privileged and honoured that you can experience such things.  I feel very grounded, in touch with mother nature, and perhaps I am spreading my energy far and wide in other dimensions without knowing – this means it is a natural event, and to be honest my intellect just does not want to have the answer.  If you can feel my energy, please let me know, as I view this as an interesting evolution of my own spiritual journey – and would like to know more, being the curious individual I am.

I am grateful for the messages I receive, and know there is some connection to the journey I am on – to the path I have chosen.  For me there is no returning, onwards and upwards, to the heights and levels I have never been before – appreciating and enjoying things I have never felt before, and it is so really awesome.  It may sound foreign to some of you, it certainly is for me – but I feel I have been prepared for this ultimate mission, final incarnation – and then I can go home.  I look each night at the stars – I have an amazing view when the sky is clear, I feel I can see home, there is one star I have followed since I moved here, and I can see its clear track over the  past 11 months – this is the star that I look up to and talk to my twin, when I check the constellation, it is where we are from.

Thanks for reading, if I sound a bit off the mark today – it is because I am here and now – I am living the present moment, it is all new for me, and I look forward to you enjoying this time and space when you reach it.


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