Music to help you on your journey!

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Music for the soul 🙂


Music that should resonate – it is chill out lounge music that will take you on a journey -these pod-casts, have been with me every day for the past 9 months, never tiring, always inspiring and feel were produced for those on this journey – the DJ/Producer is located in Ibiza, a truly spiritual island, renowned for Brits on the piss as well as a big electronic music party season – it is an amazing place to get lost, when you venture away from the usual tourist traps – there is even an old hippy cave in an isolate place on the Island, was there once – only those in search will discover the special cove where you can swim and sunbath in total peace and quiet – great place to get lost this summer!  I listen to this each and every day, it pays to listen to the lyrics throughout each pod cast! You will understand what I mean!

Have a great weekend – and feel the love around you – let it grow with every breath you take!






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