New Beginnings – Part Two

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New Beginnings – Part Two

These have been an incredible past 24 hours, and I have a feeling this is going to be a series of episodes about new beginnings.  The energies recently have had a profound impact on all of us – but I feel mainly on those that are still resisting the connection, or who are focused purely on 3D, or have unfinished internal issues to resolve. There is a resistance to change in all that we do – our ego does not like this at all.  We are becoming accustomed to all that we have learned and put into practice, yet these tests keep coming back in our face just to remind us we need to go about this in a new way.

We have so many new learnings and tools it is hard for our brain/logic to implement them as it is still adjusting to all this new data; it is in effect a child/teenager – yet the adult is leading the way forward.  The adult is the driving force and is not easily influenced by the child except in times of need (the defence mechanism) and when we do something we feel is right, we are met with a firm signal that it is not.

Situations occur, in every day life that lead us to making decisions, when we go through the decision making process we reach a conclusion and follow that, no matter the consequences, we follow our hearts desire – and then we get the response or reaction.  How we interpret that is a massive test of where we are today in our journey, how we respond is important, in fact it is the most important.  Reactions are normally something that will trigger the ego into full on defence mode (which is in effect attack!), a response that is balanced and sensitive will normally be met with a similar response.  This is crucial in all our communication with the outside world, including our twin – are you still being triggered? If so, the try to look at the cause or the pattern leading up to this point, and there you will find the element that should be healed or let go.

Yesterday I will share what I experienced as I believe it is an example of a serious step  – it is one I view with great pride and satisfaction, and felt it necessary to mention with you as it may assist you on your way in other life situations.  I was in the most amazing mood all day, I was high on love, then I was beginning to explain to someone a picture I needed to be placed with a quote I shall publish later today – I was urged to explain what I needed in such detail.  The image was clear in my minds eye with such perfection, there was a reason it appeared out of the blue, so as I was writing my mood turned into one of grief/sorrow, within the space of one minute I was crying like a baby.  The image was related to a past life for sure, a white stallion that was part of me in that life that I had to do something horrific to, in order for me to escape what I was fleeing from.  I had to end his life myself to prevent the fleeing forces from subjecting him to a similar fate but in an inhumane way.

Whilst describing the picture I felt something leave me, the person who was reading the description also became emotional, she felt my energy and god_ra_on_a_sun_boat_by_sanio-d5vdemorelease, and proceeded to send me pictures of white stallions, yet we could not get the right one.   Eventually after half an hour she sent me one image that was not what I described but was the one I needed to see.  I believe I released something substantial during that time – I described my feelings as saying farewell to my companion finally – and creating a memory that will live on for eternity in a new light and with his owner firmly at the reins. This may be completely bizarre and off the wall, I feel this was a release at the deepest core of me, and the subsequent things that happened yesterday would confirm my beliefs.

My mood elevated after this, and I continued my evening – later I was presented with a very interesting scenario that was a reaction based on something that I had done a few days ago.  It is not what I expected, and found that throughout the situation I met the reaction with a balanced response, from a balanced mind – and managed to defuse the situation in a very balanced way.  The ego, which would have previously come out to play was firmly in its rightful place, and for that I see that as a massive achievement on a personal level.  What I can say is the reaction of the other person showed me something very clear – what ever way we approach this, no matter how we feel inside, how ever much we know what we do about our twin and the way the journey “plays out” – what our souls knows has to be translated into human action.

As I have written a few days ago – we are not in control of this, we can not force it to happen, we need to treat each day as it unfolds, and respond to all the challenges with compassion and an open mind.  Our psyche is a powerful pain in the ass, taking every second, minute, hour or day as it comes, is a very difficult thing to master, I can say with my hand on heart I still have not grasped it all, and this is something that will be a constant learning each and every day.  As we are learning we are growing, as we grow we change, as we change we can share and teach others, because what we know can help someone else who is also on this path.  We shall also remain fully open to insight from others also on this journey as the smallest piece of information can be a trigger to a memory you need for the path you are on.

Things are changing around us, on a minute by minute basis – our lives are dynamically moving to realms and heights we have never been, many of us have no idea what is happening, yet we have complete faith in the outcome.  Retain those beliefs and these will see you through the clouds of delusion as time moves on – we are ascending, we are moving forever higher, we will leave some behind, and that is something we have to accept – we shall be fully detached and ready to be taken wherever we need to.  Keep an open mind, banish the fears and know you are on the right path.

Until the next time, sending all my love


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