New Horizons!

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New Horizons – Change is in the Air!

new horizonAs we continue on this amazing life journey, we are beginning to see so many wonderful things happening around us; to our friends, family and ourselves.  We have been through the roughest waters, the biggest storms and the most tremendous currents, some have even been dragged into whirlpools and more.  Yet we see before us a beautiful new horizon, the sea is calm as far as the eye can see and the sun is rising on a new dawn, the horizon emerges with her full splendour and glory – our destiny awaits!

The uncharted waters we face are the adventure, whilst we may be feeling anxious, this is the adventure, this is the Universal plan – we have overcome the most tremendous of challenges we shall encounter in this lifetime!  We have turned and faced ourselves, we have confronted all that we are, we have even challenged all that has been within us, we have questioned, analysed and processed so much of ourselves, to depths far deeper than any ocean.  We have fought, battled, and finally conquered our own truth – we are victorious in our conquest, and whilst we may not believe it – we have successfully now managed to turn around and greet the beautiful horizon that lays before us. Let the sails down one by one, and slowly navigate wherever your heart takes you!

I have heard many miraculous stories these past few days, felt your pains and woes, as well as reached out to those that truly needed to push through this tremendous 3 days – and today, here we are.  The Universe is absolutely delivering her promise, she is working her magic, and some of you I know personally have been blessed with contact from your beloveds in all dimensions. Some have been in contact in 3D, that has  pleasantly suprised many of you, a sort of shock to the system – pinch yourself, yes it is real, it is happening, but please do not question the motives, it is the Universe giving you a treasure chest!

I am also aware that so many have rapidly woken – it is quite tremendous even for me to see and hear people’s lives changing overnight!  We are all human after all, and these things only happen in movies right?!  Well take that notion and turn your life into a movie, and preferably a children’s movie – one where the ending is living happily ever after.  Stay realistic and focused on the purpose of your role with humanity and Gaia, we can get lost so very easily and read too much into what is happening, stay grounded, but celebrate the moment for what it truly is – a Miracle.  I have normally been very open about my own personal experiences and journey, and yes I can say some things have happened to me, which are wonderful – but now is time for the personal things to remain between me, myself and the Divine.

I will extend this message to you also – this journey is Divine, and whilst we have endured what seems to be all the elements of the Bible, there are some things that shall remain sacred/divine – be selective with whom you continue to share your personal journey with, especially if you have re-connected with your beloved.  It is now time to keep this information within, let the new found joys work their way around your new thought processes.  I know I have always been one to tell the world when something very good happens to me and to my life – in this case I do sense whatever news we have, it shall remain for us to embrace and enjoy, until such time as we feel it is right to share.  We can not lose sight of external forces that will challenge the journey, or attempt to interfere with Divine process – therefore the fewer that know the better!

For those of you who are experiencing challenging issues or situations, reach out to a member of your soul family, and seek guidance from them – each member of our soul family has a different story and experience, but collectively we can share the knowledge we have.  Our knowledge and wisdom are now at unprecedented levels, and once we can see through the morning fog, the horizon will become visible.

The past few weeks, I have been teaching with a common theme, it is essential to get back to the inner child, to transform the thought processes you had programmed from a very young age, and apply all that you have learned in this life – and begin to reconstruct the beautiful child that is always inside of you.  This is going to be your biggest new friend on the journey forward, being the new child and simply enjoying all that you were supposed to – enjoy the magic that was removed by your peers and society – create your own magical kingdom and allow the wonderful fairytale to unfold, believe me, it is possible!

I send you all, love and light, and wish you to see the new horizon in front of you!



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