New Moon Energies!

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What an eventful few days!

SONY DSCI have had writers block for the past few weeks, and am still having difficulty in finding the right words to write – I am sure they will evolve!!

There has been an amazing shift in energies and plenty of opportunities for twins to absorb and embrace them. During these times the intensity is profound and depending on whether the monkeys’ are out to play or not, will determine how you handle it all! It is very wise to take some you time for a few days (if you can) or at least connect with nature, just so you can appreciate all that you are. Many are afraid to be alone even for one night, it is time to overcome this – this is an old template. Solitude is the one thing that will allow you to look at yourself more closely, and yes that means switching off all the gadgets too!!

The New Moon tonight is an opportunity to welcome in the new, to manifest your strongest desires and to speak loudly about what your heart and soul truly wish. Think outside the box, but with positive intent, think carefully about the words you use (semantics are a good thing) and how you think about your Union. Remember these new energies are still merging and causing some blank moments, hence the suggestion to escape for a day or two!

Many new and good things have happened to me personally, these I shall keep to myself for the time being, I also have to absorb all that is going on in my life and appreciate all that is today. Remember sometimes to keep things to yourself to allow the Universe to fully hear your desires, and not what you have watered down by sharing with your friends! Remember the world is your oyster, wish loud and clear!

Sending you Love and Light, I shall be back with a new video soon.


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