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New sense of purpose! Take the leap…

To have faith that it will all be OK!  Join me!
To have faith that it will all be OK! Join me!

One can not begin to talk socially about the Twin journey as it is foreign to most people – this is a shame, as Twin Souls phenomenon has been around for millennia; it is written in ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mayan, Maori and many other cultures, where the elders helped the couples,  it was deemed to elevate and raise the community to a higher realm.  Today we are blind to this, as we are so indoctrinated in our everyday lives, that for all intense and purposes we are controlled by the corporate giants and ego’s of the world.  That is a sorry fact of life today – I have had the privilege of witnessing this in many different cultures as I have visited them in this life line, in Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia and some Asian countries, where for their benefit they are not so influenced by power houses such as the Church – they have preserved their traditions and beliefs for this purpose.

Today I know why I have lived the way I have, to prepare me for the Divine Union, I have cleared the threads and karma from this and other life lines – I have created a new family cycle and tree that is separated from my own blood lines – I escaped and put behind me the damage, pain and suffering that has been with me for thousands of years.  I am sure it is not over, but I am no longer dragging that big bag of nasty swag, it is instead a small back pack, surrounded with love and light – and I feel this has never existed in any of my incarnations – it feels new and fresh, so it is now up to me, to continue on the path laid before me, no longer searching for the signposts or answers, as they are all with me!

My work is to help others through life experiences, to share and allow others to grow – I continue to deal with challenges the universe sends me – it always has a way to push me onto the path that is right for me – the same will apply to you! It is up to you whether you see it on the first, second or umpteenth occasion – it will reward you with wonders that will light you up at each and every moment you receive them…I know I did yesterday, and again today – and believe me, the passion is inspiring and at new levels – a completely natural high, when you wake up singing and laughing is a truly wonderful place to be – and that is home – your home, and this is the place your twin will feel; the higher your frequency, they have no alternative but to get there!!

When you get to that twin frequency again their life will probably be turned upside down and it will hit them in a flash, whether through signs, synchronises or dreams or through a life changing event, the universe WILL deliver the intended message, it WILL NOT allow them to avoid the ultimate goal of reunion – maybe not in this life line, or the next, but eventually you will be together for your final journey – It is a voyage across the seven seas, full of adventure and adrenalin – through the highest mountains and the harshest of deserts and forests – but when you let go of the fear it becomes exciting!!


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