New Templates – We Are Responsible!

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It is in our hands!

Warmth is in your handsWe are responsible, and we need to accept this responsibility with open arms.  After many days of reflection, I was in full flow this afternoon – and something very profound came out of my mouth, an Aha moment.  One that requires a serious examination, and will potentially allow others to understand what this all means, not only to us as individuals, but for all of mankind also.  One of the roles we need to play is creating new templates for others to refer to.

Societal conditioning states we shall go to school, then University, then work, marriage, children, retire and live happily ever after – what society forgot to take into consideration is that when we keep feeding bullshit to the population we are changing them dramatically, perhaps a little too fast for the messages to be processed by the brain and into proper actions.  Technology has moved at a far faster pace than man will ever be able to – hence we have become dependent on new technology to function in life!  We have actually forgotten that the ability to think is always at our fingertips (and not with the mobile attached).

When one looks at the rate of divorce (something created by man) today, we can see that we have created a “new” societal situation, but there seems to be very little help or knowledge or even guidance for those who are experiencing the new situation.  One other important thing we also forgot, is the affect on the future generations (not just our own kids) – in fact today how do our kids view marriage?  So man has created this void and one that needs to be filled with information and guidance.

82011-Why-I-Love-ShrekHow many today are experiencing difficulty in a “relationship” because one or both have children?  What are we to do first?  We meet someone, like them, sleep with them, and then build the “relationship”, and hope the kids like him or her too!! First impressions always count, but as time progresses no matter how close things are, unless there is a solid foundation and/or understanding of all that is, things will continue with the old template (getting married etc).  No one can wave a magic wand and avoid issues or difficult situations, especially when there are children involved, but what we can do is build a proper foundation and relationship – that is modelled around our own unique situation.  This is us creating our own template, and I shall suggest (to those who have enjoyed a physical relationship with their beloved) that what is desperately needed is the wisdom to guide you to forming this new template.

I shall be brave, and attempt to interpret the download I received today – and please understand this is shared purely as a topic for discussion, not as a recipe for success, it is a work in progress (as life is).

When one looks at the foundation of any building, we look at the ground underneath the proposed building site – we shall apply this logic also to our connections with everyone in our lives today.  The rest I shall do by video, as the words are stuck in my mind, the energy of a video will add the flow!  It is not my normal edited video…and please forgive me for the out of sync voice and images – it is pretty powerful this time

I hope this helps many of you on your journey to understanding our role and mission.




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