No more hiding!

I remember your face and beautiful smile
Even though I haven’t seen them for a while
You came into my life for a reason I know
So that somehow I would wake, learn and grow
Your wonderful eyes so blue then green
The memories I have, the best I’ve seen
The thoughts of you make me go wild
Just like a boy – No, my inner child
You touched my heart and merged with my soul
Just like pouring running water into a bowl
We came and went to places far and wide
There was nowhere left for me to hide
I looked deep inside and found me there
The moon shining down in a deep stare
I am woken now with a passion so new
It is time for me to start and pursue
The thoughts and dreams so fresh and clean
I am full of life and love never before seen
You set me free to find my truth and vision
I discovered inside a brand new mission
I thank you my beloved for all that you gave
And for being that woman oh so brave
You are the One, so pure, like a white dove
Please accept my truth and unconditional love.
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