Observations and Some Philosophy!

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Philosophy or Observations?!

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One thing in keeping an open mind, we are able to expand and toy around with ideas, concepts, history and what is written. It is becoming very clear to me is that throughout history philosophers, prophets, poets and teachers have always had a following by those that are seeking an alternative to “what is”, to societal constraints and “normal day to day living”. We can look back in history and witness what is written, and see the stories, records and scrolls of “what happened”.

When we look at this closer, as any open minded person would do, we can see that these occurrences have, throughout time, been influenced by the writer, or the editors of the writer – you know the verbiage “the editors decision is final”. So what is written is very rarely independent – it is interpreted, edited and in some cases deleted.

We can see this across history in all stories, and modern man’s interpretation of history – this is evolution. Man has become more “intelligent” or “academic” or “literate” – this does not make man smarter or more superior to our ancestors. In fact, in my opinion, we have become the complete opposite – we have become intent on re-writing the history books, because it suits us.

One thing we are obsessed with, is the drive to understand fully all that is, or has been – yet we are literally taking away the novelty, mystery or even romance from all that has been. In our drive for answers to the past, we simply are, in my opinion, destroying the magic that was created. Part of the magic is the mystery – it is this magic that leads us to the here and now.

We are so obsessed with trying to understand what has happened in man’s evolution that we are really forgetting our own personal evolution. We are energy and a physical being, made up of atoms, cells and all other matter – our memory is made up of all that we have experienced, in all plains, in all dimensions and in all life times. This is what we shall focus on – our own understanding of who we are as an individual, as the pure being we are.

When we are so constantly flustered about other people and what they are doing to us, or our families – we really are forgetting our own life and circumstances. This clearly demonstrates that we, like man, are so focused on what is going on outside of our own world – and neglect our own mini-cosmos. When all is said and done, what really matters more?

The most important ingredient in our own life – is what we believe, for this is our truth. Our truth becomes far more defined and clear when we are awake, for we see, hear and learn differently as we are not drawn into the rat race of society. When we really take that microscopic look at ourselves (the mirror) we can really see who we are – and then we can claim our own power and determine how we live.

The self-examination is one of the most valuable and important things you can do – and YOU can change everything in your life and turn it into the things that you want and believe in for you have that power! You are God, You are Love, You are worthy.

Those that are set to challenge the “power players”, “leaders” or societal standards will always have to face the scrutiny of the establishment, and when the balance of power shifts it is then these “leaders” use their own approach to counter acting this shift of power. This is a fact of life, for those that fear the loss of power will always challenge the truth with propaganda.

The truth is within us all – we can make a difference, you just have to believe it and follow your heart and soul, for nothing else matters.


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