One of the Toughest Days!

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One of the toughest days of this Journey (and life)!


11272036_705842946210034_1025940244_n Well you know, no matter how much we believe we have dealt with all those deep trauma’s, we are never prepared for the unexpected, and I am going to be the first one to tell you that today is one of the toughest days of this journey, and possibly my entire life.  All of the wonderful teachers, mentors and soul family members have spoken, written and advised us all that no matter what, we need to be an open book, we need an open and pure heart to be able to reach the true self, the Divine, and I have to say I have spent most of the past few days giving guidance to fellow twins, and guess what I neglected myself – and today a whole series of situations landed on my desk top for me to deal with.

My website has been under an attack since yesterday, fortunately I have excellent server defences that protect this essential portal of information – if you see it disappear for a few minutes, please check back later as it means the server security system has activated to protect the domain and its essential work.  I am a lighthouse, I will never stop shining.

Today, I also spent a long time talking to my family in Australia, this is the first time they have all been together in one place in the past 10 months – and I also saw the youngest member of my family for the first time “live” – and this triggered a whole series of emotions for me to deal with – my normal highly motivated self came crashing down to earth, and I wondered why – as I was washing some dishes, the thoughts of my family came into my minds eye, and bang the heavens opened – a flood of tears and emotions, enough to knock a man to the ground.

After a little while, I felt great…nearly back to myself, and then a friend of mine sent me some video footage of the town I live now from 2004 – some 30 hours or so of it – the first file downloaded and bang I see myself from 2004, and the work I was doing here then, and the team of people I had around me, some 50 employees of my company, meetings with politicians, TV cameras, dancing, singing, and then quite by suprise I saw my grand mother in the video – this brought a whole new set of emotions, as I only have one old photograph of her with  me today – I was not in Europe when she passed away, and honestly I have never grieved her loss, as I have pleasant memories, she always believed in me, and to see her on video just made me break down in tears – I still have hours of footage to watch, as there is important information in there for me and my mission – so I guess I have more tears and letting go to do, but I am prepared for that and willing to do that essential work, as I know the mission requires me to do this.

So, fellow twins if you have not done it yet, be sure it is going to find its way to you – and I am sure it is going to come from the most innocent source or comment – and it is so unexpected that it will knock the wind out of your sails.  What I can say, whilst I am here alone writing, I can feel the love and presence of my fellow twin brothers and sisters, my grandparents, Angels and guides – my ability to release in private is a blessing yet I am sharing with you in public, as I have no problem opening my heart and soul to those that resonate with this story – I know the universe has my back, I believe and trust this is the process, and is preparing me for the ultimate journey – it takes a very brave (wo)man to open their heart to show who we really are, so here I am – I am ready, willing and able to take what ever it takes to conquer the hidden trauma, karma, pain and old remnants of an old life, one that serves no purpose from today, one that has served me well and has allowed me to become the man I am today.

11210464_1408356262821008_6070750594686021791_nShould you find yourself in a situation like this that I am in today – it is good to be alone, but also dont be afraid to contact fellow twins using whatever means possible, sending them PM’s or other messages is a great way to help release, I know that 3 of my sisters have been bombarded with my situation today, the fact the messages have been sent is enough to help with the process – I feel them here with me – my hands, face and feet are all burning up also, like walking on a fire walkway -this is a sign of cleansing also – I know I have more to come as there is hours of footage to watch- now I know why my good friend sent it to me today – it needed to be seen, the memories need to be remembered, the good bits taken out and the rest, let them go.  We are all helping lift the frequencies, so support one another – there is no point bad mouthing your twin or anyone else, this is your journey that you have to complete – I wrote this on my twitter feed this morning – “We are the warriors of love and the bearers of the flame – Amor Vincit Omnia – stay strong and brave :)” . I know my heart an soul is now open, and ready to begin this journey, I wish you to be prepared also.

This is an extract from a previous post, but is very appropriate today – “So who am I? I am Deane, I am a wonderful man, with a beautiful warm loving heart, ready and willing to help anyone that asks for help, I am a visionary, I am a dreamer, I am a warrior, I am an empath, I am an awesome father, I am a tremendous lover, I am brave, I am a hero, I am loved, I am cared for, I have an amazing smile and laugh, I have a great sense of adventure, I am a teacher as well as a student, I am not afraid to say No, I am not afraid, I have no fears, I have no worries, I know that the Universe will take care of me, I am love, I am me. I am Who I am.”

Sending Love and Light!



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