Oneness and Twin Flame’s

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Oneness and Twin Flame’s by Rae K. H.

11811532_1614814422127238_6052819844953316635_nMy name is Rae and I would like to share some of what I have found to be True, some of what I believe to be True. I share only my thoughts and opinions and ask that you would read with a discerning and open heart.

The journey to Oneness is a complex and often difficult journey. We begin with looking into the mirror of our Soul. This lens is often expressed through Twin Flame’s. Yet many of us get caught up in the search for the “other” that will complete us not realizing that the journey is to find completeness within ourselves.

When we look into a mirror, we look at our own reflection. Do our clothes look right? Did I miss a spot when I shaved this morning? Do I need a haircut? We do not look into the mirror for an outside source for these answers. Why then would we look into the mirror of our Soul for an outside answer to the questions we are asking?

Am I good enough for Love? Am I worthy to share my Love with someone? Looking into the mirror that is our Twin is the same process as looking into the bathroom mirror before we leave the house. We are looking into the mirror and finding our own answers. If our hair does not look quite right, we make the adjustments we need to in order to look our best as we go out the door. We look into the mirror of our Twin Flame and make the adjustments we need to in order to allow the Love and Light we were created from to shine brilliantly through us.

This does not mean that we will always find a happily ever after with our Twin Flame. It does mean that we have the potential to unlock the Love and magic that we were born with. It means that we have the opportunity to find a Love for our own self that we do not need to share space with our Twin Flame, we can Love them from afar as they are and appreciate the beauty, the self-Love, that they helped us open ourselves to. It means that each Twin Flame has laid out their own unique journey for their highest potential. It means that while many Twin Flame’s will share similarities with others, there is no clear and direct Path.

By this I mean that we have all agreed to come to this space at this moment to accomplish our own unique Soul mission. It does not matter if that mission is “normal” looking or “mainstream”. It means we are all here to live in our own unique Truth. In living in our Truth, we draw others who share common ground and in this common ground we build a common understanding of each and ourselves. We know what it is that makes us different. What if we began to discuss that which binds us together? And what is a common thread that ties us all together?

Is it not Love and Light? Do we not come here, Twin Flame or not, to experience the wonder, the miracle, of Love and what we can do with and in that Love? Is it not our passion for something that moves us? Is not the writer’s muse a Love? Have not nations been to war over Love? Have not some of our own Spiritual and community leaders given their lives in the name of Love for each other?

With thoughts like these in my mind, I often find myself asking what is it that I can do to honor the Love and Light that is the makeup of my Soul? What is it that I can do on this day that will stir my heart, excite my Soul? And in that excitement, in that desire to leave a mark of Love and Light wherever I go, who will I meet along the way that wants to spread that Light and Love to the world? For it is enough for me to stand in my Light, in my Love, and be an anchor. Yet are we not meant to find others to share with, to burn brighter with? Is it not a part of our purpose to find our Soul family, our Tribe, and spread the fire of Love and Light as far as possible?

If this is True, then maybe our Twin Flame is the spark with which our fire is sparked. Maybe we spend our lives with them happily ever after. Maybe we find a deep Love and appreciation for them and what they brought to Light within us and bless them along their journey. Whatever it is that brings Twin Flame’s together is for them to know and cannot be compared to the journey of another. Let us enjoy our now and where we are. Let us share our Love and Light with each other, with strangers, with whom ever may be in need of it. Let us light a fire of Love and Light so bright that it draws us all together, welcome us as we meet along the journey. For is this not what we have come to this place to do?

Thank you for letting me share a portion of my journey, of my Truth with you.

Rae K.H.

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