Oneness with Self

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I would like to share some of what I believe to be True. Please read with a discerning heart.

I believe that we are being called to Oneness. Yet I also believe that this is some what represented. Oneness is within us, not with our Twin. We are being called to live our life, walk our own Path. There is no one who can answer the questions we have about timing, what does Union look like. Only we can do that, for we must find Union with ourselves before we can share our selves with anyone.

What is union with ourselves? Let us all agree for the sake of argument, that an aware consciousness larger then we can comprehend created each and every one of our unique souls? What if as a part of this process, some part of that energy was transfered to us? What if each and every single soul on this planet had that spark of energy, Divinity within them? What if coming into Union with ourselves brought us face to face with that spark of energy, that spark of Divinity?

Now imagine the Love we would have for ourselves! Imagine the understanding for ourselves we would have! Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing not the wounds that we have carried, yet the Light and Love of the spark of Divinity!

Imagine the compassion we would have for others! Imagine instead of seeing an impateint driver who rudely cut us off, instead we saw a glowing reflection of a unique spark of Divine Love and Light!

There are no guru’s, teachers, leaders, that can direct any of us to Oneness. There are no short cuts. As my friend says, there is no easy button. The only Path to Oneness, is the heart of the individual on the Path of that individual. What is True for me may not be True for the next person, nor should it be. We are all here for our own unique experience. Yet in these experiences we find common ground.

In Oneness with ourselves, we will be free of the old paradigm, the old 3d, way of doing things. As we move deeper and deeper into our Oneness, we will begin doing thigs that are authentic to ourselves. If we will be living in our Truth, who may tell us what that looks like? How could anything from outside of us define what our Truth is? I do not believe that anyone can ever Truly discover Truth outside. It is in our heart, for we choose to come to this place. We brought everything we needed with us. If we believe that, who may teach us Truth? Who may give us the answers we seek? I guess we will have to journey inward to find out…..

Thank you for letting me share a part of my journey with you. Blessings to you and yours!!!

Rae K. H.th722CRNI7

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