Overcoming Fears In Reality!

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No Mountain High Enough!

Over the past weekend I went to the former Olympic Centre at Jahorina in Bosnia. Primarily for a music festival, but then as the weekend unfolded new awareness came in. On arrival I saw the top of a mountain that I wanted to check out, I suppose a personal conquest to reach the summit!

The day was full of rain, and then at one point it stopped, and I said to my colleagues I am going to climb now…they laughed!! I said I have a window of opportunity now, so I am going…and so I did. The first, and most direct route to the summit appeared simple, until I stepped on to the snow!! Setting off like a bull in a china shop, I began the climb.

Feeling super fit, and full of energy, Mother Nature soon reminded me to be conscious and aware of the environment. Reminding me of where I was at all times. Cautiously step after step, navigating the surface with cotton glove moves…it was at one point I was holding on to a branch of a tree for support. I placed my foot onto what appeared to be something solid, and then, putting half my weight, I quickly slipped to my waist in snow.

I had held on to the branch fortunately, and pulled myself out – I was immediately reminded of a dream I had a few weeks ago of something similar. I had fallen from a bridge and landed in a deep mud whole, where I could see and hear, but no-one was able to see me. It was at that point, I decided to find a safer route to the summit.

On the new route, I was blessed with witnessing what looked like Wild cat footprints, perhaps mountain Lynx, I am not sure…I also saw many other impressive scenes from Mother Nature, it was much better than partying to music!! Eventually, I did reach the summit safely, and recognise that was only part one of the story!

Overcoming fears is something most find difficult, yet when we are following our heart and soul, we will always be safe and well. The end result may take a little longer, but the journey taken is so very precious. Allowing ourselves to be in the flow, exactly like climbing a mountain, every day!

The video is my own personal encounter and experience, but is a demonstration of the human spirit and capabilities. We have the power and ability to achieve anything we set our heart too!

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