Path to Transformation!

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Taking advantage of the circle of life!


When you reach a point in your life where literally everything seems to be going wrong or falling apart, it is a time for reflection on all that exists in your world.  In many cases a major life changing event will trigger something inside of you, whether it is the loss of a friend or family member, sudden loss or change of a job, ending of a relationship or marriage, an accident affecting you or someone close.  At these times we all tend to look up above and ask what are we doing with our lives, and many will here a little voice inside saying “it’s time to take a closer look”.

The universe does have a strange way of making us stop look and listen, and whether we decide to take that opportunity is our own free will..but as I have experienced through out my own life, the internal work we need to do to reach a place of balance and harmony is never far away.  The longer we move through life without taking a closer look at what makes us tick, the bigger the fall or drop when it finally does happen.

The universe will bring us to a point in our lives where we will decide enough is enough.  Then we will begin to take a deep look at who we are, where we have been, what we know, and what we remember.  In a lot of cases life circumstances do not allow us to take advantage of these crisis points, we are often “needed” to simply brush everything under the carpet.   We continue our work or lifestyle in a way that we “feel” it is the right thing to be doing, but something normally keeps reminding us, there is some unfinished business to be taking care of.  We use our ego to push our way forward, hoping it will go away, but the universe has other plans, and will make you take notice.

For those that continue to move forward without taking care of the internal house-keeping, life events will continue for a short while, and then another trigger will most definitely arrive.  Another life lesson that will once again take you to a low point.  In my life experience, and in working with others, I have recognised that there is a time to live and a time to reinvent.  The way the energies of Gaia are changing, and as we ascend higher in frequencies and dimensions, the clearing and healing of the human vessel is so important.

Our society has become so disfunctional and disposable – everything is about instant gratification and the need to conform to what we have been told is the normal.  Many who have had very abusive child hoods, experience  repetitive behaviour and suffer from insecurity.  They then seek to love others how they should have been loved as children, their definition of love is all wrong.  Others who had a very spoiled upbringing and were loved so much, find today dont really understand what love truly is, and their hearts are closed or blocked to receiving love.

We can begin to open up the memory banks in a safe and practical way, that allows us to release the memories and traumas – cleansing our psyche and souls, in preparation for a new path and templates.  You are never too young or old to begin this process, it is the willingness not to be too subjective to anything and allow your heart and soul to truly guide you, and to put the ego away in another dimension.  Learning what unconditional love is all about.

We need to discover how to live in this society with a 5D conscious thought process, that is in balance and at One, not rely on the templates we have been forced to accept and live by since we were children. Discover the innocence of your inner child, nurture and allow him or her to feel love.    This is the beginning of the journey back to One, and unconditonal love.  You are worthy, You are a beautiful being full of love and light.


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