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twinflames and people powerAs the energies expand, so does our own people power.  The choice still remains ours, whether to follow what we believe deep inside, or to continue with the status quo.  One thing that is very clear is that the power of the people and technology is beginning to shine brighter.  Whilst for many this seems to be chaos, or mayhem, it is an inevitable part of the evolution of mankind.

When we take a deeper look at the course of mankind we can see the patterns and the direct cause for the issues.  Mainly greed and wealth, power and glory, control and fear.  We can see that this is something man is very good at repeating, constantly.  Today we have the same issues, but in different locations, and using different tactics, but the underlying message is the same.

Since the evolution of the internet we have seen a surge of information being available to most of the population.  We are literally all connected in one way shape or form, whether physically, or spiritually.  We have the ability to harness the technology to bring about change, and that is what is happening on a larger scale.

No longer can the few hide behind the illusions they have created, but they can hide behind their own creations.  As each day passes we can see people power in action, as well as the totally disproportionate actions of states.  This has worked in the past, and it will continue to work in the future, mainly because the state cannot keep up with the new technology.

We can use these tools to educate and nurture ourselves, and not buy into the chaos created by others.  It is our choice, as always to follow what is in our hearts, or what is in our bank account.  People power is an amazing energy, that we shall harness and master properly.

It is our responsibility to bring the change that mankind needs to ensure it’s survival and sustainability.  I share some more information in my latest video message.  If you would like to have a free consultation please check my schedule, or you may wish to purchase a copy of my new book “Love Outside The Box” at your favourite online book store.

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