Deeper Programs and Intense Sessions Transforming Yourself!

Transforming Yourself – Programs that lead to results

twin flame kids awakeningI believe it is important to confront the past, to go back and deal with the gremlins and demons that have haunted us all our life – by doing this we are truly clearing all that no longer serves us, we are completely transforming.  There is no place in our life for the old, as what we will achieve is purified, cleansed mind body and soul.  Transforming yourself for your own highest good and purpose.

During our intensive program, we address the behaviour traits that are apparent in your character today.  With a daily or bi-daily interaction you will have the opportunity of addressing them and begin by breaking old patterns, and forming new templates, that will serve you on your new path.

An intense program gives you a firm commitment and investment in your future.  Together, we will tailor the topics depending on your mood and flow during our sessions.  The sessions can be up to 2 hours in length and will incorporate probing your mood, feelings, emotions, the state of mind and how we change that on a daily basis.  I will target areas that I have observed, and will probably include – your anger, aggression, temper, control, letting go, fear and acceptance.  We will also be addressing any feelings of anxiety with respect to abandonment (this will be addressed with the inner child work we shall undertake) later in the program.

The following areas will be touched upon, as we begin to focus and concentrate on the true person You are:

power of words askdeanoPsyche, Past Life(s), Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Grief/Loss, Letting Go, Nature, Grounding, Ego, Alter-Ego, Meditation and Yoga, Positive Intentions, Manifestation, discovery of inner child, revealing the wounds that need healing, Self Love, Dark Night of the Soul, changing thought process, psychology and transactional analysis.

Each component is covered during our one-on-one sessions, as we begin the journey of discovery.  We shall divert our attention on the inner beauty you possess and developing this into the new templates required for returning to One.  We shall also reprogram certain character traits so they can be relocated in your thought processes.


Deane came into my life in April of 2015 when I was in a very tumultuous part of this twin journey. He help to ground me, and offered support that was of the utmost help to me in my spiritual growth. …
Terri - Canada

The New You!

Creating the new you is the purpose of this work – this will ensure your mind body and soul intertwine as they should, and allow you to expand your mind into new dimensions and realms.  By the end of this program, your ego and thought processes will be from completely new perspectives, allowing you to create the new templates for your chosen life path.

As you can see there is a large amount of work to be done – and we have literally just touched the surface.  I am willing to commit to this program with you, are you are willing to invest your time and effort in finding who you are?

By working together we can achieve amazing results in relatively short time periods – we can achieve our objective of a transformed person within 90 days.  The intense program should be completed within 120 days to ensure its’ effectiveness, but I am flexible and are with you for as long as it takes.

The full program includes up to 2 hours per day live one on one, availability on call in times of need by mobile phone, SMS and after hours, all reference books that will include psychology, transactional analysis, and spirituality.

You will also receive, the support of a qualified psychologist up to 6 hours, and I suggest we will utilize this in all cases, as it is imperative we align the thought process with the new templates.

I can offer a shorter version of this program that will focus only on the psyche and past life memories, this can be completed in approximately 20-25 hours.

The images and messages I receive during our sessions are useful signs of your present situation. You will also have the benefit of this additional offering towards your new life – as our sessions progress the images will begin to demonstrate your path.

Our sessions together will be strictly confidential – a commitment is necessary between both parties. If you wish to stop at any time during the agreement, I will happily refund a portion of your fee already paid.  I do however remind you, we will grow through “pain” and we defeat “fears” by confronting them.

To begin, why not take advantage of an initial Discovery package, so that we can establish exactly how to proceed.  Your initial payment will be credited for your longer term program.  More details can be found here!