Where were you?

children of the twin flame union are more important than we appreciate

Where were you?

Me as a boy!

When you brought me in to this wonderful world of ours

What were you thinking, or was I just a pack of toy cars

I looked up to you to help me grow up

Not to be treated like a rag doll or a pup


I was a child full of innocence and desire

Ready to learn what was right not to be set on fire

Like an open stove you watched and let me burn

There was no one else to help me learn


As I grew older the pain got worse

So I ran away as fast as a horse

I found my solace and comfort but not from you

Because you always turned me black and blue


You destroyed my childhood dreams and hopes

When I needed you, I was tied up with ropes

The twisting and turning was never fair

I wonder really if you ever did care


You made me learn that I need to be by myself

Instead of showing me how not to be a poison elf

As I grew up you left me to fight and defend

All the values that were wrong I had to mend


Where were you to protect and give me love

I can only wonder to the universe above

Where were you in times of my need

Instead you ignored it and made me bleed


You were the ones who should have known better

But you turned your back and bought a Red Setter

I remember Rufus running free and far

In the fields of green and not in a car


I loved and respected you for being my folks

But today I know it was all broken eggs and yolks

Even the King’ horses and His men could not fix

Because you used your anger and wooden sticks


These things you did are still in my head

As well as the knowledge of how much I bled

You should have known better and learned to say NO

Instead you allowed me to feel it all and grow


With an illusion of life that was twisted and torn

This you should have changed when I was born

I have made and lived my own life to this day

These few words are not written to make you pay


The price you carry is left firmly in your own brain

I am the hero for escaping from all that pain

It has been with me always and now I know

The only way forward is to forgive and grow


You cannot take anything more from me

Through courage and pain I set myself free

I forgive you my parents, yes you, Mum and Dad

I don’t have remorse or wish you anything bad


You should know now that I am me

At peace, as myself, and finally

I will always wonder where you are

For me it is right that you be so far


For all your actions and wicked words of pain

I have taught myself not to seek or to blame

I will never be what you are, I learned to say no

From today I have no fears and will only grow


Take care my parents, I will leave you now,

Not to look back and worry, instead I show

That all I have is who I am, and will always be!

Free from that pain and memory for eternity.

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All One

love is in the air

Now my head is all naked and smooth

Like the reflection I see in a photo booth

It makes me happy and full of smiles

Much better than crying like crocodiles


My path is ahead in front and not behind

It’s time to move and free from the bind

I shall relax and enjoy the journey from now

Some extra stars tonight will light and glow


Destiny awaits, I have chosen my true path

I completed all the chores and done the math

With my Open eyes, Heart, Soul and mind

I shall be surely true and kind


The days and nights shall be full of fun

Take up a sport, or simply going for a run

I am ready and prepared now as ever I shall be

Filling my life with simplicity, love and harmony


I am first and the only one to ensure

It’s my life first and at the very fore

Remember my thoughts and dreams aloud

I shall get up, stand up, tall and proud


I am strong and ready, on the road so, let’s go!

My heart and mind are open now ready to grow

I am not alone, I am ALL ONE

This new journey has just begun


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Lost and Found – Inner Child

Lost and Found!

Our Inner child is the key to this!
Our Inner child is the key to this!

One day I was passing the lost and found

When I saw a little child crawling in the ground

He was looking for something that he couldn’t see

So I took his hand and said follow me


Come with me my son let’s get out of here

With me there can be no sense of fear

Trust In me and I will make you safe from harm

For sure there was no one to raise the alarm


When he raised his head I saw a tear

I opened my arms, gave a sigh and cheer

I lifted him up and hurried quickly home

To make my space ours, so he was not alone


From that day forward he has grown up strong

Today he is full of true love and moving along

The smiles so real his laughter loud and so full

There is no reason for him to reach out and pull


He is walking now with his head held up high

The sunshine beams down high from the sky

Look at him now, proud and so full of life

Now he is ready without any pain or strife


In a moment of chance I saw him alone and there

Perhaps I was looking in the mirror at my own stare

He is now a man who is full and complete

Ready to conquer his life and to defeat


All this past that is said and been done

Finally with all the knowledge he has won

Overcome your fears and walk away from the past

For what has happened should not dwindle and last


Your life is yours so claim it now

Set yourself free from it, no matter how

I will hold your hand and walk with you

Our lives bonded together with a special glue


I will hear your words, and watch your smile

For reality is life that only lasts for a short while

That thing called eternity is what waits for us all

So please let me pick you up from your great fall


I will be with you and you with me

Together we are in harmony

When one is two and two is one

You know that you have conquered and won.

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To my Twin Soul!

To my Twin Soul!

11.11.11 at 11.11pm
11.11.11 at 11.11pm

As I lay alone in my bed this dark night

I have a feeling something is not quite right

It’s written across your face each day

I believe it is time for me to pray


To send to you only peace and love

As well as guidance from up above

Your need to know that I am here

To help you stay calm and with no fear


The universe is vast, but you’ll see me far

Shining brightly in the sky as a star

Choose the one that suits you best

Now we both can sleep and have some rest


In this world today we have no time

So I just wrote you this little rhyme

Be sure to know that I can always feel

Distance no object it is so real


Sleep now my love be not afraid

The path of our life is already paved

I am here with you in body and soul

One day to be reunited and again be whole


Until that time is chosen by the universe above

I give and send you all my unconditional love


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Dark Night of the Soul!

Dark Night of the Soul!


When you pass all the dark things from the past

And the memories put to rest, finally, at last

Their time is in the right space and dimension

Never to harm and shall remain in suspension


A new light is shining ahead and bright

Its time to begin again and make it right

To fill myself fully with white light and love

From the stars and moon that shine bright from above


Creating a space where I can truly be

Free from harm and to live a life in harmony

At one with myself in more ways than one

Plenty of things to do and say, work to be done


Marching on air now and this path with ease

Looking around being happy and able to please

It shall be good as I now am tall and strong

Ready to conquer challenges as they come along


To learn life and endure it free from pain

Only this path will give all that there is to gain

This path I know shall test the very best of me

But I always remember the truth that it shall be


Expressions of intent and desires shall always be true

As only truth shall take you along and through

Believe in what you say and do each day

Life will reward you with work, rest and play


It is as simple as this, and as hard as it gets

You have done all the work and repaid the debts

Wake up and breath and feel what you see

And be at one with yourself in love and in harmony.


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